About me and why this site?

Welcome gentlemen to your Man Cave Shop.

I have been searching over the years for sites with the odds and ends needed for my man cave. After clicking left and right on website after website, I noticed I spend more time searching for things to make my “cave” reality than actually being in my man cave.

Coming from a family with multiple siblings, I never really had a space of my own. In order to break free of the confined spaces of the household, I would go out and create forts, tree houses, and tents with the objects/decorations that I deemed appropriate. When friends would come see my “no girls allowed” fort, they would always add input about what they think it should have. The reality of the situation is none of us truly have the exact idea of a man cave- so why not give options to all?

Why This Site?

Over the years I have visiting numerous friends’ houses, taking bits and pieces of what they viewed as necessities and tried to create a site that met all their needs. Some of us may like rustic. Some industrial/modern. Some sports. Or, like me, some with comic/nerdy twists that fit my personality.

With this said, not all of us have the identical personalities of our counterparts. My wife has no interest in sports, filling the wall space with what she feels is pleasing to the eyes. So, I created my safe haven of sports and Marvel/DC memorabilia that I can enjoy with the boys without affecting the “common” space in the house. It is the perfect equilibrium for both man and mate!

Happy Hunting

I hope this site finds you well, and I hope it allows you to find that “something” to make your man cave what you imagined it could be when you first began furnishing/decorating it.



Founder: Man Cave Accessories

2 thoughts on “About me and why this site?”

  1. I love the idea of offering suggestions for outfitting your man cave. I have a cave, too, but it is of course a woman cave. Someone should take your idea and do such a site for women. I’m sure there are guys out there who will love your idea and visit you often. Keep up the good work!

    1. I am developing a site for my wife related to a she-cave or she-shed! I am taking notes left and right from her as to what her and her girlfriends like but it can seem like a foreign language at times. When I start to get that up and running I will link it here and let you know!

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