Car Man Cave Ideas – Wheels Keep on Turnin’

Whether you were born in the early 1900s or the early 2000s, cars are a part of your everyday life. In the last decade, movie franchises like the Fast and the Furious have revamped people’s interest in upgraded automobiles as well as classic cars. This in turn has created more and more custom furniture and decor that relate to the car craze theme. This will help you when looking for car man cave ideas, as there are far more options available now than there were decades ago! Let us take a look at what options you should consider when decorating your car themed man cave and what options you can do that will set your man cave apart from the other generic ones you have seen!

Classic Seating

As a huge fan of the classics, I would have loved to create a car themed man cave, but my interests were angled towards a rim bar stooldifferent theme. My dad, however, is a huge car geek. He has worked in the automotive industry for years and has broken down what he believes are the most important aspects of his ideal car man cave. Top of the list is seating, as you can use car seating for actual furniture on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

We have all seen the old school drive in theaters lined with people watching a film, interacting with others, and eating (or kissing) amongst their respected cars. This is an option to consider when looking up car man cave ideas as you want to bring that atmosphere to your own man cave. Taking the back seats from you favorite 1960s car and turning it into a custom sofa/recliner would make the ultimate man cave experience!

One of the best car man cave ideas I have seen related to bar stools and lamps. You can create your bar stool from polished rims- two rims laid flat with another rim standing upright in between. Finish off the top with your favorite bar stool cushion and you have a unique bar stool with a custom twist.

Lighting With A Twist!

ford lightsLamp capabilities are similar in that you can create custom car themed lamps using rims, steering wheels, headlights, or other common automobile accessories. Wall or ceiling lighting made from headlights will give you the custom glare that brings back memories of your favorite car. You can even alter the light bulbs in the headlights to create a different lighting effect that matches the overall atmosphere.

In addition to these wall and ceiling lighting ideas, you can add those custom lights you tend to see underneath cars. These lights are perfect for under bar lighting, or (if you are feeling daring), as a liner in or around a billiards table. This lighting effect is cheap and will create a nice aura around the bar and table you want to highlight. If you want an added effect, you can add this style of light lining around your entertainment center to draw the gaze of your guests.

One of the other methods to which you can decorate your lighting is with custom bar or billiards lights that are pre-made. The lights on the right are just an example of the possibilities of what can be added to your man cave with little work done and little money out-of-pocket. If you set aside a budget and a set amount of time, each of these options is available to you!

If you are looking for an LED effect, we have a post for that too!

Wall Decor:

What good is all the decor in the center of the room if you don’t have the wall pieces to put it all together. The most corvette clockcommon things needed for any man cave are posters and clocks. Clocks are the easiest man cave decor to search for as they can be customized to fit anyones needs. If you are looking for a classic clock, there are a multitude of clocks with automotive labels fitting their company (Ford, GMC, Ferrari, etc.) or their particular cars (Shelby Cobra, Viper, etc). If you are feel like something a little more custom, there a custom clock options using ball bearings and mechanic’s tools to form the hands and hours, creating a custom masterpiece that will leave any man cave guest in awe.

Posters and placards are your other option to set your man cave apart from others. Photos of old cars with a cheap frame will add a better looks at a cheaper cost. Add a framed post of your favorite cars from movies or your favorite race car driver will put an emphasis on the atmosphere itself rather than a basic car themed man cave. When your guests enter and see the effort you put into the wall art, it will draw them away from the concept of it being just another basic man cave or basic room in a household.


spoiler deskTables are essential for any room, let alone a man cave. You could use the same concepts in terms of prior mentioned decorations- using rims and steering wheels to decorate the legs of the tables or the table-top itself, covered in a nice glass piece for others to see inside. Some other options exist though that are unique to the car related man cave theme!

There is a craze going on that relates to pit stops- decorating your man cave with accessories that are replaced on your everyday car items. There are tables, desks, and chairs made from spoilers and hoods of basic to elite cars. Using these common items you (or others) replaced and converting them into a custom table piece grants you a cost effective way to get the table piece you desire at the price within your budget.

Custom Drinking

One of the key aspects of any man cave is the food and drink atmosphere you create. Mugs with your favorite care photos would create an instant talking point for any gathering. There is an immense amount of drink ware products out there that will assist with your needs in terms of these glasses, but why get some drink ware that stands out a little more. When you think cars, you think oil changes, gear tuning, and pit stops- why not bring that element to the stage in your drink ware?

Oil cans converted into mugs. Cup holders modified to fit into your end table or built in to your furniture. There are so many options out there- if you can imagine it, there is a product out there. Take what you desire and find it!

Take Your First Step!!!

You have the concepts laid out, not make your move. Whether you choose to start with the furniture or with the wall decor- own it! All projects start with the initial step- take that step and progress and your man cave will be finished before you know it! If there are any ideas you may have that weren’t mentioned, feel free to add them below in the comments section and I will happily respond!





4 thoughts on “Car Man Cave Ideas – Wheels Keep on Turnin’”

  1. You really come up with some great themes for your posts. I would never have thought of a cart themed cave man! I was born in 1965, but never liked those cars in my era. But I love cars. Oil cans converted ito mugs? I love it.

    1. Thank you! My dad is a huge car person, working in the industry for quite some time. When I see the old films and hows the cars look, then combine that with current films- you can’t help but imagine what you can do if you had the right materials or the right sites to purchase things. Thank you for reading!

  2. These are some great ideas, I would never have thought of these. I’d love a man cave – would be a fantastic addition to my house. Unfortunately I don’t have the space at the moment, but I think I will extrapolate some of these ideas and consider them when I’m redecorating my house in the near future – I just hope my girlfriend approves!

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