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Car Themed Furniture – A Review of PitStop Bar Stools

With so many car options in the world today, we have lost track of the concept of decorating our man caves with these cars of the past. In terms of car themed furniture, bar stools are the first area all should target. Bars are one of the top two areas for a man cave, and furnishing the bar as at the top of our list! The key aspects of a car themed bar (outside of the alcohol of course) are the bar stools. Let us take a look at one of the best companies and the top bar stools they have in production for car themed bars.

HR1300R Red & Black Pit Crew Bar Chair

  • pitstop 1300rPros: Aluminum shift as a knob, steering wheel base, suspension spring coil look
  • Cons: Stability- it is a bit wobbly
  • Specifics: 25.2 pounds, 15.5 in x 19.5 in x 32.5 inches
  • Overall Rating: 9.1 out of 10

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When I think race cars, I think the Daytona 500, checkered flags, and pit stops. The company PitStop embodies all three of these in their HR1300R bar stools. Hell, their name PitStop- they are already embodying one of the main components of a car theme.

The HR 1300R has an amazing look- a checkered red and black pattern on a sexy, comfortable leatherette cushion. In combination with amazing cushion’s look, the seat is made with a steering wheel as the base, a gear shift knob as the suspension release, and a nice chrome finish. If this doesn’t scream car, I don’t know what else does! In addition to the amazing appearance, the seat itself is a decent weight, weighing in around 25 pounds. This provides you the ability to move your seat at will to whoever you want it- allowing you to host multiple guests with little moving effort.

On the downside of things, the HR 1300R has some stability control issues. For chairs with backrests, you want the ability to be able to lean back at will and not worry about falling over. The suspension of this PitStop masterpiece is its only flaw, as the seat will wobble if not broken in properly. PitStop recommends you sit on the stool a handful of times to test out the stability and make adjustments where needed- something most of us don’t want to hear when we first buy something.

If you have the time to test and re-test the stability, then this chair is definitely to one for you!

Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools, set of two stools

  • Pros: Comfortable, lightweight, amazing look. 360 degree swivelpitstop leapard deluxe
  • Cons: Dimensions are not always accurate- could be larger than expected
  • Specifics: 47.5 pounds, 21.6 in x 19.7 in x 18.5 inches
  • Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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These Leapard Deluxe bar stools are the cream of the crop in terms of bar stools for your man cave. If you read the first review, then this will be the Shelby Cobra to the Porsche 911 you saw. Luxury, comfort, durability, and capability- these are the qualities that this Leapard Deluxe chair by PitStop stands by.

This chair comes in pairs, but not just in one color or one design. If you were to click the link above, you would see the 30 (yes 30) different options that this car themed bar stool has to offer. Just like cars, there is no universal color that appeals to all, and PitStop proves that with this sleek bar stool.

  • If you are a fan of the smooth, black leather look- it is available!
  • Want a red, white, or unique color? No problem, this chair has that too.

This is the only chair on here that comes with or without armrests. Some of us prefer the swivel capability with free arm movement, while others prefer that nice piece of chrome and leather to relax our arms after a long day of work. Whatever option you decide, this is the ideal set of bar stools that will hit the spot!

Although this bar stool is near perfect, there is a slight knock in terms of installment. A few reviews of consumers have revealed that in some rare scenarios, this chair assembly does have a few parts that are a bit off in terms of measurements. Whether it is user error or simply a manufacturing rarity, we will never know. This is an extremely easy fix, as PitStop will send you a brand new chair within a few days and you will be back to living the high life. With the rare amount of reviews with this issue, I believe that this is no longer a problem.

Lastly, the Leapard Deluxe bar stool set is the only chair in this review without the steering wheel foot rest at the bottom. This may be a small issue to some, but if you are not set on that then this is truly your best bet in furnishing you car themed man cave or man shed.

BC6000R Red Crew Chief Bar Chair

  • Pros: Steering wheel foot rest, spring coil look, sturdy materialspitstop 6000r
  • Cons: Hydraulic cylinder loses air and drops the seat on occasion
  • Specifics: Black and red leatherette, 53 pounds, 24 in x 23 in x 30 inches
  • Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Have you ever imagined yourself sitting on a nice leather seat with a polished chrome steering wheel and stick shift available to you? PitStop has brought this concept to life for automotive fans, creating an amazing black and red leatherette seat with cushioned arm rests and a hydraulic pump.

In addition to the gorgeous leatherette seat, the base of the chair (like many PitStop chairs) has a polished chrome look with a steering wheel as the footrest and a polished spring coil going from the base of the chair down to the floor. Add in the stick shift knob as a seat adjuster and this seat screams car themed man cave! This chair also not only acts as a bar stool, but doubles as a computer chair as well- a no brainer for the cost effective man cave builders.

On the downside of this bar stool, the hydraulics can be a little faulty. We see this a lot with chairs that are overused, sinking out of nowhere as soon as you sit down. The 6000R has this issue, with the seat lowering randomly as the suspension gives out. If you are a “low rider” in terms of bar height, then that will be of no issue to you!

If you are not a fan of bar stool backings or arm rests, we have another option that is a compliment of your basic bar stool- but with style!

PC1400R Red Pit Crew Bar Stool

  • Pros: Steering wheel foot rest, spring coil look, lightweightpitstop 1400r
  • Cons: Seat cushion is a litter firm
  • Specifics: 15 pounds, 15.5 in x 15.5 in x 29 inches
  • Overall Rating: 8.0 out of 10


When I think bar stool, I think of a round, backless stool with the ability of the individual sitting to turn in any direction. There are a lot of bar stools out there that mirror this capability, but very few meet the quality and theme that one looks for in terms of car themed furniture.

The 1400R is a backless, swivel bar stool made in a nice Chevy red with chrome colors throughout the base. Add the PitStop steering wheel and spring coil look and it stands out above all other bar stool companies. The adjustable base allows this bar stool to fit any size counter height for your bar and its lightweight frame allows you to move it with ease should you decide to want it elsewhere.

Similar to most bar stools, the 1400R has a cushion for you to sit on- but it isn’t the best quality. The cushion itself is very firm and can provide a bit of damper on your comfort. If you are comfortable with a firm seat, this can be overlooked and you will have a great looking car themed bar stool at a reasonable price!

PC1400W White Pit Crew Bar Stool

  • Pros: Steering wheel foot rest, spring coil lookpitstop 1400w
  • Cons: Seat cushion is a bid harder than other options
  • Specifics: 14 pounds, 15.5 in x 15.5 in x 29 inches
  • Overall Rating: 8.2 out of 10

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This review won’t be lengthy, as the 1400W is identical in terms of quality to the above bar stool (1400R). However, this car themed stool gets a higher nod in rating due to the cushion design. Rather than have a generic solid color, PitStop has created a checkered flag bar stool with that “final lap” look.

If you have a bar that seats two to four people, having these for half and the 1400R for the other half would set your bar apart from all others. Whichever option you decide, you won’t go wrong- just remember the firmness of the cushion and whether that will fit your needs.

Regardless of whether you pick the 1400R or the 1400 W, remember that the bar stool itself has the complete PitStop appearance (steering wheel foot rest, spring coil up the base, and gear shift knob as a suspension adjuster). Also, this is the hardest cushion base in terms of all of PitStop’s bar stools. Some prefer the hard seating, while others prefer that softer feel- decide on which effect you are looking for or if those are secondary to the overall look that appeals to you.

Which Option Works For You?

Determining how you want to decorate your car themed bar will dictate which option you decide. If you want the checkered look of a backed bar stool with the HR 1300R, or prefer the sleek, manly look of the Leapard Deluxe PitStop bar stool, there is no wrong option.

The 6000 and 1400 series provides you with the typical swivel, backless bar stool look, but it provides you that added appeal with steering wheel, gear shift knob, and spring coil looks that are second to none.

Whatever option you choose, know that PitStop has an extended warranty that grants you the added comfort comparable to their chairs and bar stools. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for the above listed bar stools, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!





28 thoughts on “Car Themed Furniture – A Review of PitStop Bar Stools”

  1. I love the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools. They look really comfortable, and I checked on Amazon, and they come in a lot of different colors. That’s super cool. They’ve got a With a built-in 360-degree swivel, which means you don’t have to twist your head around to see the tv screen or talk to your friend standing behind you. How easy are these bar stools to assemble?

    1. That is my favorite bar stool here! The swivel capability, the amazing look, and the overall feel of it is just not matchable! In terms of assembly, this bar stool as well as the others are all very easy. PitStop is amazing at creating amazing products that are user friendly. The assembly manual is thorough and reader friendly, making their products very easy to assemble regardless of anyone’s age.

  2. I always want to buy a bar stool for my sidebar dining room. These are great selections, the concept and the componetns of car theme is just awesome. I love the desing of HR1300R Red & Black Pit Crew Bar Chair, it has an amazing look and comfortable. Thanks for this article, now i have more ideas to choose from. I clcik your link and not bad for the price of $135 at Amazon.

    1. That chair is amazing! There aren’t many car theme bar stools out their, and the ones that do exist are either poor quality of too expensive. The HR1300 is amazing in all facets and the price is affordable!

  3. These do look like perfect furniture for a man cave. I can envision these stools near a bar that would have neon lights under its cabinets, underneath the pool table and around a big frame with a race car on it.

    Do you know where I can shop this look?

    1. Of course! I have a post on LED lighting that you can be used for your bar if this is the look you are going for. Typically they are used for lighting behind the bar, but there is an option on there that allows you to place the lights anywhere. 

  4. Hi Andrew these different seat designs are killin it I like the crew chief chair seeing in a gearhead and the leopard deluxe takes me back to the 70’s . Looks like the man cave needs an update.

  5. These are fabulous options for a man cave. All of them look great, I like the Red Crew Chief Bar Chair. It just looks more like a drivers seat than the rest of them. A great accessory to add to the cave.

    Great review with good detail, This helps me out by walking me through each stool and the pros and cons is great and honest. I have book marked your site and will be back when I upgrade my man cave.

    Nice Work


    1. I too love the red crew chief bar chair. Pit Stop does a great amount of work to their bar stools, adding multiple components of car accessories to their products. Once you come back to upgrade your man cave, I hope to have a few more options for you as well!

  6. Who would have thought there were so many different car themed bar stools available.  I am in the process of designing a man cave in the house that I purchased this year.  These chairs look like they may fit the bill for the bar that I plan on putting in.  I’ve been in a few man caves designed in the car theme but haven’t seen anything like these chairs.

    Which chair should I chose. Which of the chairs would you recommend being the best bang for the buck?

    1. Whatever option you choose, there is no wrong answer. Personally, I recommend the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools, as it is a two count and they are versatile in that you can use them for different themes. They are the heaviest of options, but they are worth every penny. If you are looking for something that screams car theme, I would go with the HR 1300R, as it has the comfortable feel with the look and appeal of a checkered car pattern.

  7. I just found this website and i love it !!

    After browsing for a bit i found exactly what i was hoping to find. I am in love with the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools, oh man they look so good! I love how they raise towards the sides. Have you used those ones in particular yourself ? If so what did you think ? Are they worth the money ?

    Thank you so much for this very valuable information i will definitely check out some more of your suggestions.

    1. The Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools are my favorite! Their appeal and look just speaks volumes, as well as their ability to match any particular theme setting. I have tried them out and love them – the comfort, the look, and the overall feel of them is second to none. They are definitely worth the money – and they come with two bar stools as opposed to others that come with one. If you can get past the overall weight of the bar stool, then this is definitely the bar chair to choose. 

  8. This may take a bit of convincing where my girlfriend is concerned, but we are currently looking for some new stools for our breakfast bar.  I love the look of the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools. 

    I am from the UK.  Are these available to purchase over here,  Or would I need to get them shipped from amazon us.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Stools for the breakfast bar sounds like a great idea, and the Leopard Deluxe would fit that quite well. These bar stools are available to ship oversees, and I can happily link those UK links to you if you would like.

  9. I can picture 2 of the BC 6000-R Red Crew Chief Bar Chairs lined up at the bar of the future man cave right now. I really like the look and color of the shown, although I would go with the all black. I would love to see them come out with more colors – maybe blue and green? There is a very nice selection to choose from!

    1. The BC 6000-R is a great chair, both in comfortability and versatility. You do have the option of customizing it, but the red and black just happens to be the best seller. Personally, I like the concept of all black as well!

  10. Since I retired a few years back, I have been warming up to the idea of a man cave.  I have to agree with you, the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop barstools are my favorite.  I have also been all over your site, and I found so many great ideas.  I am wondering, what is your man cave like?  Mine is for old men like me, so we have a nice bar and a dated pool table.  Those bar stools are going to look great!  Thank you for the awesome ideas.  


    1. My man cave varies depending on what I am looking for that time of year. I typically stick to a hybrid man cave, where half incorporates a sports theme and the other half has a bit of nerdy. I do have the Leopard Deluxe stools, although I find them to migrate to the dinning area because my wife loves the look and feel. When football and hockey season are out of play, the pool table and nerdy-ness hits a an all time high! I have dabbled into a beer/cigar theme before, yet that has migrated to my back patio.

  11. I learn something every day! I had no idea that bar stools came in themes. I’d say these aren’t just perfect for man caves, but would be great alternatives to the stuffy-looking bar stools from chain stores. Who wouldn’t want to have cool (and comfortable-looking!) stools for guests? The foot-rests and the padded seats look super-comfy. Too bad the Black and Red checked one is a little wobbly, because it’s my favorite!

    1. They are super comfy! The Leopard Deluxe bar stool is actually perfect for any theme, as it has the modern look that fits any room! I do wish the black and red one wasn’t wobbly, but I know PitStop is working to fix that! 

  12. Hey there! These are some awesome bar stools. I bet my hubby would love the Red and Black Pit Crew Bar Chair for his man cave since he likes checkered patterns. Personally, I like the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop Adjustable Bar Stools because they are luxury chairs and look very comfortable! They also remind me of hairdresser chairs and what woman doesn’t love getting her hair done? 😉

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. The black and red pit crew chair is a huge one for most men, but the Leopard Deluxe bar stools are really perfect for all rooms. I love the look and feel of them, plus they have those unique qualities you can’t find elsewhere. I like the hairdresser concept, as they do have bit of a feel for that as well.

  13. I like the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools,which offers a  set of two stools, with backrest so it’s quite comfy.

    It looks simple but elegant.

    I like that it has swivel features to make you more relaxed while sitting on it.

    It also comes in two so it’s a good price for two, really affordable.

    Might plan to buy sometime.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. That fact that it comes with two is a great deal in comparison to other bar stool prices. I love the swivel feature in combination with the overall feel/look of the Leopard Deluxe set – it is a great option!

  14. Cool! Cool! Cool! I agree that bar stools are the first area to be targeted when planning a man cave.

    I would personally choose the Leopard Deluxe Pitstop adjustable bar stools. They look so classy and comfortable. Luxury, comfort, durability, and capability are the qualities that makes these bar stool so enticing. Plus, 30 different options that this car themed bar stool has to offer? Well, that is a treat as well. Great to showcase just about every personality out there.

    1. I too love the Leapard Deluxe stools – the are classy like you mentioned but oh-so-comfortable. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options, but I would recommend that one any day!

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