DIY Man Cave Decorating Ideas – Classy and Affordable

When developing a man cave, or any project, the best concept is to map out how you can get your end product in the most cost effective manner. Creating your own concept art, lamps, and signs are the most unique method of allowing your man cave to generate talking points while creating the atmosphere you want yourself and others to enjoy. DIY man cave decorating ideas generate different variations of common items without deviating from their natural purpose. The purpose of a lamp is to create light- but why not create a lamp using existing products you have laying around? Cost effective? Yes. Amazing and unique? Hell yes!

Re-use and Revamp:

guitar with capsWe all have a few things lying around the house that “we will use for something but we just don’t know yet.” Now is your time to put those comments to use! This can be something as simple as reusing something and formatting it to something else.

For example, if you are going for a music theme and have an old acoustic guitar lying around (or find one online for cheap), you can take off the face or back and create a multi layered guitar piece for a wall mount. Inside could be a record or designs that further relate to your music man cave!

Are you a fan of alcohol? Create light pieces from old liquor bottle with a little pipe and electricity. The ideas are endless if you can relate what is lying around your house into what fits you.

Affordable and Effective:

The additional benefit of DIY man cave decorating ideas is that it will cost you a fraction of what it would cost an artist to Bottle Topsmake! I have been to antique shops that sell “custom” wall art that is composed of 100’s of bottle caps forming an American flag- costing $125. The cost of making that yourself with bottle caps from drinks you, your family, or your friends have over a period of a few months can create the same art piece from products you were going to toss in the garbage bin.

All over the web you see people talking about these cheap projects- and most of think you need to be crafty to do them, but that isn’t the case. A quick google image search will display multiple options for whatever you are searching, granting you visual access to whatever project you want to create yourself! If you have a few hours to set aside, I recommend this avenue if you want those last few unique items to set your man cave apart from others.

Fits All Themes:

One of the biggest benefits of a DIY man cave project is that it can fit almost any decor. Most DIY projects fit into the modern or rustic category – this is ideal as those two categories fit into almost any theme. Sports related man cave could have both modern and rustic related DIY wall decor. Music related man cave themes can have a multitude of music or drink related DIY items, ranging from wall decor to light, or even custom coasters made from stacked guitar pics!

You will see on most DIY sites that these projects can work for anything- this is because it is you who is deciding what does and doesn’t work. When you are crafting your DIY man cave idea, you should already have most of your room decorated. This enables you to get those few things made that finalizes everything. If you have a comic related theme, covered a basic wooden coffee table with a colage of comic cutouts creates a versatile table that is unique to your room!

Crafty and Cool:

As I mentioned before, the list is endless in terms of what can be done to create those final items to tie your room together. To provide a little insight, I have attached this video from YouTube user Kirinka Oli providing a brief glimpse at what you can be capable of should you decide to go this route.

What Is Your DIY Niche?

Is your man cave almost complete? Have you decided on what last minute items you need? If budgeting is an issue, these DIY ideas and concepts should assist you in determining what last few steps you need to take. If you have any ideas for the other viewers that you think might be great to mention, feel free to comment below to assist your fellow viewers!

2 thoughts on “DIY Man Cave Decorating Ideas – Classy and Affordable”

  1. I love the idea of using things you don’t need to decorate your man cave. I especially like the idea of mounting an old guitar on the wall if your man cave is musically themed. Would it be too corny to tack up a jersey if you’re a football fan?

    Actually, I was thinking… if you like hunting, you can hang up moose heads, right? Or is that too much? I don’t think so. You could actually put up bear or deerskin.

    Also, let’s say you love horses (I love them), you could do a horse theme. Horseshoes, bales of hay, cowboy music, horse pinata… Just some ideas. I love your blog.

    1. Jersey are perfect! You can get a basic frame, place the jersey in there, and the hang to add a valued appeal to a basic jersey. Moose heads are nice as are skins, but the cost can get up there.

      I have a western theme I am working on that has soooo much available content- I will add the horse aspects to it for sure!

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