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Football Themed Man Caves – Both Versions!

Don’t you find it odd that two of the most popular sports in the world are named the same thing, but are entirely different? American Football has begun to take over a multitude of countries and has begun to capture the interests of many people in both England and Mexico- two football (soccer) powerhouses. With the popularity of both types of football being an interest to people of all ages, let’s dive into the different possibilities of football themed man caves!

National Football League (NFL) Theme

nflAmerica’s biggest sport, generating so much income that the fantasy football leagues created from it create billions of dollars a year. As an avid NFL fan, there are so many opportunities in terms of man cave ideas that relate to the NFL and its fantasy leagues aspects.

Whether you are a fan of the game or a fan of a particular league, there are a variety of options you can incorporate into your man cave or man shed.

  • Team Based Furniture and Lighting:

There are so many options in terms of furniture and bar seating available for specific teams, so much so that you can get any style of furniture that can be imagined. Want a wood coffee table with your NFL team’s insignia burned in or stamped on? Done. Need a leather recliner that has your team’s logo on the sides or back? So many options exist. Hell, if you just want furniture that matches your team’s colors without the blatant logo designs throughout room, that too exists!

Lighting falls into the same category in terms of options and availability. Lamp shades can be customized to match any team of any sport imaginable. Whether you are looking to provide lighting for an end table or billiards table, you must first look at what are the best available options out there. Websites like amazon and eBay have a ton of options, but so do others that specialize is sports specific memorabilia.

  • Bar Related Options

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different NFL mug options out there. Whether you are a fan of current team logos or a fan of the original logos, you can find them out there for next to nothing. If you want something a little less, well muggy, then there are an equal amounts of glass ans shot glass options out there as well.


To many people get tunnel vision when it comes to finding mugs and glasses that relate to their favorite NFL team. There are dozens of options for each team available, so please don’t feel like you have to chose the first one you see. I am an avid Patriots fan (yes, I can feel the hate already). I have about 17 different mugs and glasses that relate to them. I have a few with the current logo as well as a few with the original Pat the Patriot logo. Add in the random custom ones and I could literally supply the starting offense and coaching staff while still having a glass for myself.


Now if you know America, you realize that there is a massive fan base for college football. I am not into fake statistics that say “study’s show this percent of Americans like this”, based on a study of about 5 people. However, I do believe that there as an equal, if not more, following for college football fans.


NCAA / College Football

With hundreds of different colleges compared to that of 32 NFL teams, there are a lot more options for college football college footballrelated memorabilia. Whether your college team is a division 1 school or division 3, there are a variety of companies out there who are willing and able to produce options for your man cave.

Rather than going into the same thing as we did in the NFL section, know that there are similar options for you here as well. Lighting and furniture can be customized in the same way as that of NFL teams. There isn’t as much of a demand as the NFL produces, but the options are there if you know where to look.

We have a post with a few bar stool options available containing custom college football seat cushions, but there is more than the ones you see there. Local furniture stores, wherever you may live, have the capability of creating furniture and lighting to fit your needs if you supply them with an image of what you want.

One thing to add that we didn’t mention in the early section (mainly to avoid repetition) is wall decor. NFL players are able to give you a plethora of autograph options, ranging from pictures to helmets, but college players cannot give that to you. Having a framed picture of a specific game occurrence or field will speak volumes to your man cave.

A picture is just a picture. A poster is just a poster. Add a frame to either and it becomes a memory or moment stopped in time. People often forget the power of how something is displayed. Picture it like this, would you rather buy a photo of your wedding, or a framed photo of your wedding?

With all things considered among American football, lets dive into the most popular form of football in the world!

Premier League Football (Soccer)

soccer stadiumThe most famous football league around, but for the sake of clarity, we will call it soccer for the duration of this post. Soccer has been around longer than it’s younger football brother, granting it the fan base and following that is un-matchable. Whether you are a fan of the game or a fan of a specific team, we have you covered here at Man Cave Accessory.

Before we dive into the realm of international soccer, let’s take a look at the largest and most popular soccer league on the planet, the English Premier League. Since 1992, this league has dominated the headlines in all things soccer. The largest fan bases, the best memorabilia, and the widespread following has enabled the English Premier League to take on the title of the best football league.

When decorating your man cave, you can dive into an overall premier league theme, or stick to a specific team. Let’s be real though, you are going to stick to one specific team because rivals get no love. Whether you are a fan of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal, there are no boundaries to what you can do with your man cave.

We have touched the options in terms of mugs, glasses, lighting, or furniture in prior sections, but we have yet to delve into the bar capabilities. There are pubs throughout England and Wales that are team specific, granting you an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are on the pitch.

Using this concept, you can turn your English Premier League Football theme and convert your man cave into a replica of your favorite British pub! Pictures of famous goals and celebrations, autographed memorabilia, or even scarfs and gloves can be hung throughout your man cave. Unlike American football, hanging these forms of clothing is common place. In fact, if you don’t have some of these items hanging in your man shed or man cave then it will seem out of place.


With the most popular soccer league covered, let’s dive into some of the other international soccer/football leagues.

International Football (Soccer) Leagues

real madrid soccerThe Bundesliga, La Liga, Sirie A, and many more – all massively popular soccer leagues across the globe. Similar to our previous section regarding decorating ideas, you must go big if you are to cover a theme relating to these famous leagues.

Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventes are the top runners for fan bases, but that doesn’t mean you have to conform to creating a man cave revolving around them. The beautiful thing about soccer is that no matter who you are a fan of, there are millions of others who support the same team.

When I traveled to Germany and Austria 10 years ago, I knew nothing of the language and attempted to get by why a basic German phrase book. Thankfully, most Germans know a bit of English and are happy to speak to you if you at least respect their culture and attempt to speak to them in their native tongue. What made things easier is my love for the game, enabling us to talk about soccer as a common ground before I could ask where the nearest restroom or bar was.

If you use a similar concept – the common ground of your favorite soccer team- then you can create a man cave that beats any other. Memorabilia can be found in the easiest of places, but choosing your best options is what can set your man cave apart from others.

What Football Fan are you?

Are you leaning more towards American football or world football? Are you a fan of a particular league or the game itself? No matter what option you choose, there are a variety of options out there that will enable you to get the memorabilia you need and the price you want.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding your favorite team or ways to decorate, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.




4 thoughts on “Football Themed Man Caves – Both Versions!”

  1. My husband loves football and would love a man cave. Especially when the big game comes around. All his friends and him included pile into our theatre room to watch the game. 

    I’m usually the one left to clean the room.

    I bet if I helped him create his man cave, with the posters, coffee table and bar, maybe he’d be more inclined to clean the room. It would be considered his sacred space. The ideas here are great. What size would you recommend the room be to fix up a man cave for my husband?

    1. The ideal man cave size is determined by the person in it. Some like a whole basement, while others convert a shed into a man cave. The ideal man cave for me would be the size of a bedroom, as it will be the ideal spot for me to sit back, relax, and unwind. If your husband has a bunch of people over, perhaps a larger area is needed. If you have a basement, perhaps the main area of that could be a man cave with side rooms could be used for something else. It truly is determined by the amount of space you have and the feel you are going for.

  2. Hi Andrew:

    Wow, football fans are really into football memorabilia! Do you think people spend more on this than they actually spend on attending football games? Are there statistics for this?

    Also, are there more football fans or soccer fans in the world? Do you think soccer in the United States will ever be as big as football? I know that here is Seattle, soccer seems to be pretty popular but I’m not sure if has surpassed the popularity of football.

    Anyway, these are great ideas for any man cave. 

    1. There are a lot of people who have soccer memorabilia, they are typically the ones that attend games! In terms of fans in the world…its not even close. There are more soccer fans than football fans, as soccer is the fourth most popular sport and football is 4th most popular. In terms of the US, I think with the emergence of popular names joining the MLS, soccer will grow, but football is America’s sport so soccer probably won’t ever match it.

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