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Is there anything that says man cave more so that a hunting theme? Hell no! There are a variety of hunting theme decorating ideas that can shoot (pun intended) your man cave up to an extraordinary level. Rustic furniture, taxidermy from animals you hunted or bought, lighting or decor made from bones, or even displays for your weapons- all of these components can combine to make your hunting theme man cave the talk of the woods… I mean town, sorry! Determine what elements of each category you want in your man cave can be difficult, so let us break down the best options and ideas for each!

Rustic Furniture

rustic furnitureWhen I think hunting, I think woods and forestry. Woods are the iconic element of hunters- it is the environment in which your game is found and your playground is made. In terms of the woods, I would recommend incorporating that aspect of hunting into your man cave from top to bottom.

Wood furniture speaks volumes to hunters, as they take from the land and they live off the land. Rather than overspending on items manufactured from facilities in foreign lands, a true hunter will either make furniture from woods in the backyard, or purchase a pre-made set of furniture with a rustic look and feel. We all have seen those “cabin in the woods” type getaways, but why not make one closer to home?

You can decorate your man cave from inside your house or in a man shed, but you need to incorporate what flooring and furniture options you want to make your hunting themed man cave your own. Think of a burl tree cut to form an amazing coffee table or bar counter piece, or even pine, oak, or cedar trees cut from the land to create the perfect end table or couch basing for you and your guests. Whatever wood option you choose, make sure it fits your style of hunting and your ideal view of what your man cave should incorporate.

Now that we have determined our furniture options, lets take a look at the best wall decor options that speak to the hunting man cave theme.


What is it that you hunt? I am an avid fan off all things Alaska- whether it is hunting bears, caribou, mongoose, deer, taxidermy skullsrabbit, etc. How perfect would it be if you were to mount a taxidermy of any of these animals on your wall or wall shelving, providing a talking piece or eye catcher for those who enter?

A lot of hunting cabins or hunting man caves have been incorporating the concept of having a wall mount with the head of an animal you have shot or an animal you idolize. I have seen a variety of man caves or man sheds that have a taxidermy head of a buck or bear they shot for all their friends to see. If you haven’t shot an animal, there are a variety of options online for you to select a head of an animal of your choosing to mount onto your, enabling you to boost about elaborate stories of event that never happened!

If a head mount of your favorite animal is out of the question, you have a variety of smaller game that can be created through taxidermy for pieces on wall shelving or various tables in your man shed. Rabbit, beaver, fox, and other small game options are perfect for taxidermy in terms of bringing your plain wooden shelf or tabletop into the perfect hunter decor!

If that isn’t enough for your hunting themed man cave, lets move into something a little more outlandish!

Bone Lighting

bone LampWe have seen a variety of custom lamps and lighting made from different materials. Any material can be made and molded into whatever dream you have- but what can be done that make your hunting themed man cave item better than a basic room?

In our other posts, we mentioned the ability to convert hockey sticks and pucks, baseball bats, and different comic memorabilia into custom lighting and furniture. What you should aim to do is convert that ideology into your man cave and make your lighting scream “Hunter’s Only!”

Using animal bones, or even wood carved into the shape of bones, can help you create the best option for customized lighting. If you choose the wood route, you can mold different bone elements to create a structure in any form you can imagine. Picture a lamp made with the appearance of a variety of bird skulls to form the perfect base. Or…imagine lighting over a bar made from leg bones, giving your bar or billiard lighting the rustic, hunting theme you crave!

Whatever route you choose, bone or wooden bone replicas, you can make the lighting into any design you can possibly imagine. Once you have this complete, the hunting themed wall decor should be next!

Ammo and Wall Decor

shotgun coastersIn order for a hunter to be at the top of his (or her) game, he (or she) needs to have the proper weapon and ammo. In terms of a man cave, the proper weapon for wall decor is in fact ammo. I have mentioned creating designs and wall art using bottle caps in my prior post- that concept relates to here as well!

You can use spent shells to design a portrait of any animal or scene you can imagine. These art pieces are more personable to you (or any hunter for that matter), as it allows you to use hunting materials and turn them into hunting memorabilia. Do you have 20 casings lying around? Use them to make wall art in the form of a rifle or forest scene where you got your first kill! Different bullet sizes and colors will give you a contrast to make any scene possible!

If guns aren’t your thing and you are more into arrows, you can create wall art from arrows, bows strings, and arrow heads to generate the same outcome as bullets. On a cheaper end of that spectrum, people have made replicas of shotgun shells, expanded them in size, and created coasters with the appearance of a casing- like the photo above this.

I won’t bore everyone with all the ideas and concepts that can be created through wall decor using ammo and arrows- just know there are endless possibilities for you to choose from so long as you put effort into it.

Bow, Rifle, or combination

rifleMost hunters have a nice safe for their arsenal of weaponry, whether it be handguns, rifles, shotguns, or bows. Rather than purchasing a thousand dollar safe, purchase a glass case that can display your guns or bows for all those to see! There are a variety of display cases in all sizes, some of which can hold multiple weapons rather than one simple piece.

A display case allows you to not only lock up your guns and bows, but also have multiple weapons on display for others to envy. Everyone talks about what weapons they have, but to those of use who can only see those weapons through online imagery it makes it far more appealing to see them in person and on display. You can add some LED lighting to make the guns even more appealing, creating the ultimate centerpiece for all your guests to see!

Now is your chance!

Take action and start your hunting themed man cave by starting to get the elements you need. Whether you want to start with the furniture or wall decor, you need to start developing a course of action to get everything in place and your ultimate man cave started so you can develop and upgrade it over time.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the section below!





2 thoughts on “Hunting Theme Decorating Ideas – Your Own Lodge”

  1. Good article on hunting man caves I use to do little hunting when I was younger but never got addicted to it like my brother was. He would always have hanging deer heads or stuffed animals sitting around. I think you have given some good ideas of how to put together a very good hunting man cave.

    1. I too never got fully into hunting- I was busy with sports and other life events. I still fish from time to time but have not gotten out to hunt. A few friends have man caves with this theme and they gave me some ideas, but after some research I have learned the ideas truly are endless!

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