LED Lighting for a Bar – Reviewing the best

When setting up your personal bar in your man cave (or anywhere for that matter), you want that little something that will make it stand out from everything else. LED lighting for a bar will assist in that, as your bottles will become the ultimate talking point for all your guests. Whether you are trying to create additional lighting, or simply wanting the amazing look of LED, your bar lit by LED lighting will make you a man among boys. Let’s delve into the realm of LED bar lighting and what the best options out there are!

Armana Productions 3′ LED Liquor Bottle Shelf

  • My rating: 7.8 out of 10armana 3 foot lighting
  • Pros: Wireless remote, 50,000 hour life, wide range of colors
  • Cons: Wall brackets/ mounts not included in price
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Dimensions: 0.75 H x 4.5 W x 36 L (inches), 4.1 pounds

When you think of one of the top names in LED lighting, you typically hear the name Armana come up. Armana has been in the business of making LED lighting for bars of all settings- in clubs, inside homes, and in a variety of restaurants. Through an acrylic and styrene mixture, they bring to life whatever alcohol you want displayed with whatever color you want displayed.

The biggest stipulation with most people when setting up their bar is the size of the shelving and the weight capacity that it may hold. This Armana liquor shelf is three feet (1 meter) in length with the weight capacity of whatever you want. This is a positive and negative- the positive being you can set up the best weight bearing shelving; the negative being that there are no brackets. With no brackets, you will need to dish out more money to get the LED bar shelving up.

At the higher end of the price spectrum, you would expect the brackets for the shelving to be including. Additionally, the wireless remote can be a bit temperamental- you may need to aim it at the LED shelving from a close, accurate range. With the most well known LED shelving out of the way, let’s take a look at the best user-friendly LED lighting out there.

TIKI Bar & Home Bar LED Lighting KIT

  • My rating: 9.4 out of 10tiki bar LED lighting
  • Pros: Wide range of colors, Large shelving, Remote control
  • Cons: Due to size, battery life limited in comparison to other products
  • Price Range: $
  • Dimensions: 300 lights on a 16ft roll- can be cut into various smaller sizes

This is our best rated LED lighting in terms of price, consumer rating, and overall quality. The Tiki Bar LED Lighting Kit is far more beneficial in comparison to other LED options in that the lighting isn’t pre-installed into a shelf. You can use whatever shelving you want at any size you want.

The lighting strip is an amazing 16 feet long! This gives you the option of having multiple 4 ft shelves- allowing you to create a three step tier for your liquor display options! These are very popular in bars and restaurants in that they bring the eyes of the people present to see the liquids you have on display. Having tiered lighting like this can be a great way to increase sales in a bar or restaurant- but also a great way to showcase what you have behind the bar in your personal man cave.

With 16 feet of LED lighting (300 lights to be specific), there is a lot of battery drainage in comparison to other lighting options. The typical LED bar lighting lasts around 50 thousand hours on one lithium battery. The Tiki Bar and Home Bar lighting emits a low heat, allowing lower power consumption- but the amount of lighting can counter that. You don’t need the 50 thousands hours in a man cave, so that barely gets a knock in terms of LED lighting; this would only affect bars and restaurants that need a longer battery life (but keep in mind even 20 thousands hours is more than enough to change a single battery).

We have taken a look at the longest amount of LED lighting, now let us take a look at the shortest LED bar lighting shelf that is worth a look!

SPARIK ENJOY Home Lighting Wine Racks

  • My rating: 8.3 out of 10sparik led lighting
  • Pros: Variety of color options (26 total), color fading and changing options, lightweight
  • Cons: Only two year warranties, occasional issues with LED strips bending (rare though)
  • Price Range: $
  • Dimensions: 0.8 H x 4.5 W x 24 L (inches), 2 pounds

Are you looking for a small, elite LED shelving unit that will serve as a centerpiece for your bar? Look no further than Sparik! If you are preparing to use LED lighting for a man cave and not a restaurant or club, then you don’t need an abundance of shelving and light space. This unit is two feet long, meaning it can hold about 7 bottles of liquor. If you are a minimalist and don’t want to have an abundance of liquor on display, or you simply have limited space (man shed anyone?)- then this is the ideal product for you!

With man caves being limited in size, you want to get the best “bang for your buck” in terms of product design and capabilities. Sparik shelving comes with 20 available colors, 6 more than you can customize, and a variety of options to make your lighting flicker, rotate, dim, etc- all with the easy click of the remote’s button. Most other LED bar lighting doesn’t have that many options, allowing Sparik to dominate the industry in terms of lighting options. If you are feeling like watching a StarWars movie, you can program it to do green or red- and then activate it depending on what light saber scene comes on! Sorry, I did have to nerd out just a bit for this one.

On the negative side, the delivery of Sparik LED lighting can be a little sketchy- some people have reported bent lighting or sizing issues. These are rare occurrences and can be resolved by sending the product back and reordering- but no one really wants to go through that hassle. For this, we had to dock them a few rating percentage points.

Last but not least, we go back to the company who gave us our first “top” LED review- Armana!

Armana LED Liquor Shelf and Bottle Display

  • My rating: 8.9 out of 102 foot armana
  • Pros: Wireless remote, multitude of color options
  • Cons: Two year warranties, small in terms of size for the price
  • Price Range: $$
  • Dimensions: 3 pounds, 0.8 H x 4.5 W x 24 L (inches)

Before we even begin the review, you can tell that just by the pros, cons and dimensions that this is very similar to the Sparik review. So, what makes this product rate higher? If you want a great product with a great battery life, amazing color spectrum, and exceptional durability, then this is the product for you.

The shelving and brackets are able to withstand a large amount of weight, allowing you to put those handles up there instead of under the cupboard out of site. The LED bar lighting is delivered to you without issue of damage or bent lighting, as the shelving is encased- allowing you easier cleaning!

Lastly, the lighting options are on par or better than any other option. As I mentioned before, Armana is at the top of the LED bar lighting game- they have an exceptional color scheme and allow for dimming, flashing, and glimmering. This is by far one of the best LED bar lighting options at or under the two-foot mark.

For more looks at Armada, take a look at their youtube channel to see the color changes in action:

Which option works best for you?

Are you looking to buy a few 2-foot LED bar shelves with lighting? Or perhaps you are looking to buy larger ones. The reality of the situation is that you can choose whichever option fits your bar size and bar lighting needs. Providing an LED lit bar enables your guests to see the products you highlight in whatever color you deem fit.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these LED bar lighting products, feel free to leave a comment below!





60 thoughts on “LED Lighting for a Bar – Reviewing the best”

  1. I love the picture you have of the bottles on the bar. It looks like glow-in-the-dark bottles. That’s awesome. I’d opt for a look like that. I think I would opt for the Armana LED Liquor Shelf and Bottle Display because it has programmable shelving Includes, includes a wireless remote ad wall mounts.

    1. That is one of my favorites as well. Having a few of these shelves, or even one section with tiered shelves, would put your bar on another level! Armana makes such great products, but these other two are not too far behind!

  2. OMG!!! These are awesome.
    That would definitely make a very happy husband if those were in his mancave 🙂
    So cool and very effective if you want to impress!
    I like the sound of Sparik.
    Just amazing.
    Thank you for sharing this info.
    Much appreciated.

    Di 🙂

    1. Thank you for the response- Sparik does sounds amazing lol. I hope you like all the options but that one is definitely a good one. If you end up purchasing it, let me know your thoughts after installation!

  3. So helpful. Thanks for the guidance. My husband is dying to finish off one half of our garage/basement for his man cave bar. This is exactly the kind of thing we will need eventually.

  4. Wow, those look great. I hadn’t really considered that these could be available for home use as well.

    I am in the process of designing an outside kitchen and bar at the moment. So, will definitely add this to my ideas. Do you know if these are waterproof at all or if there are such things?

    1. They are water proof! All 4 of these come with both water proof lighting and water proof adapters in case there is a water or liquor spill. A lot of the other brands have major faults in these areas, but these four brands put in a lot of effort to not only make them water proof, but to also give them a long battery life.

  5. Now this I can Dig! 

    I think the idea of having LED lighting for a bar is a great idea. I have only recently begun building out my man-cave and decided it need to make bar, but knew it was missing something…LIGHTS!

    Thanks for sharing this great review and I look forward to looking into more lights and man cave ideas and products from your website!

    1. Thanks for the read! I love LED lighting and what it brings to the table (or bar). The ones mentioned above give you that variety to change the colors to fit whatever you want, and lighting up your man cave bar is really a great way to boost the overall appeal and appearance of your man cave bar!

  6. I don’t drink alcohol, I am allergic to it. I stumbled upon your site while starting my Christmas list looking for a gift for my parents, and my father is a huge wine drinker who just built a new wine room in his house. I am looking at the wine rack option and see that it holds around 7 bottles. Is there a model that holds any more than that? 

    I have never seen anything like these products before, how neat! 

    1. There are a few LED lighting options for wine racks, although it is dependent on the wine itself. Wine is often in darker bottles for port wines and reds, while the white wines will illuminate quite nicely. I can take a look around and see what I can come up with!

  7. Wow nice website! 

    Some day I will have my man cave! I’m not much of a drinker anymore but having a few bottles to showcase with some cool LED lights always brings it together. I’m a nerd and sports fan so I have quite the ideas whenever that time comes. Bookmarked for that very soon day!

    1. I too am a nerd and sports fan, and a few of my posts will show that! The LED lighting is great for alcohol, although you could use it to showcase sports memorabilia as well. Imagine mini helmets lite up in blue, or other memorabilia with their own lit up shelf. The possibilities are endless!

  8. I love those lighted bar shelves! Feeling a little left out that you suggest them for man cave 😉 I was attracted to your article because I saw the lighted shelf pictures and although I don’t have liquor to display I thought these lighted shelves could still be great for other items as well! Just really cool shelves you could put up in a den or living room to show off some of your awesome stuff and to create a great ambiance. Or maybe I should just get a couple bottles of liquor through on there 🙂 Thanks for the cool review.

    1. It is for a man cave or any room in any house! These LED lighted shelves are target for liquor bottles, yet I have used them for various other things as an upgrade. There are various options to use for the LED lighting, whether it is to showcase alcohol or any other items that is significant to you! Choose the color of your choice and let it glow!

  9. Thanks for the reviews! I really like the TIKI Bar & Home Bar LED Lighting KIT and the price is right. I like that it’s got a 5 star rating on Amazon and I know the customer service is the best, so if I have a problem with it I can return it easily.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. The TIKI Bar stood out to me as well! The LED lighting is absolutely amazing and pairs with any setup. Thank you for the read as these are some great products if you do purchase them in the future. The LED lighting KIT is one of my favorite things to write about!

  10. This is so cool and unique, I love this. I’ve always wanted to create like a small bar area in our home and these LED bottle lights are just perfect. Wow it does give the bar area a cool and party vibes. As a women I would also use these in my bedroom or office area for decor. Very cool, thanks! 

    1. The LED lighting is amazing, and it would look awesome in your bedroom or office area! I love how they light up the liquor bottles, but you could use them for virtually anything!

  11. What Great Accessories you have here great for men wow this really cool. My man cave is def going to be super tricked out now that i found your site. ill def be back over and over to pick out my new pieces for my man cave here at the office. this is so dope thank you for sharing really appreciate all the hard work and time youve put in finding the very best of the best your amazing which item have you found to be your favorite over all?

    1. Thank you. My favorite LED lighting is the TIKI Bar & Home Bar LED Lighting KIT. There are 300 lights here and they allow you to customize your own shelf as opposed to have a pre-built one. It is the best option for DIY people.

  12. This is simply awesome. I always wanted to have those ones but I have never found review like this one. I have a bar in the basement and I think that TIKI Bar & Home Bar LED Lighting KIT will suit me best. I will also recommend this to my brother who enjoys in this type of led lighting.

    1. That is my favorite LED lighting kit! That one has the mount amount of lighting and can be customized to any shelving. Rather than having to buy a shelf with the LED lights, you get the lights for your current shelving. It is perfect!

  13. This can be a tough choice.  Depending on the layout of the bar area in the man cave, one would have to decide just what all should be lit.  Done correctly, a 3D effect could be done.  

    Torn between the Tiki, and the Sparik.  Like the idea that they both have numerous options on the colors but would think the Sparik version could win out for the color fading effect.  I would be on who would want to light up the glasses also for a more visual effect.  

    Great info, now it’s going to be decision time.

    1. If spacing is an issue, I would recommend the TIKI Bar & Home Bar LED Lighting KIT, as that can be cut and formatted to fit any shelving size for any area. The Sparik brand has amazing options, as they are one of the front runners for LED lighting, but the Tiki option does fit it all. Whatever decision you make between the two will be right, as it is a matter of which option is best for you and your bar!

  14. Thank you for this great review on led lighting for your bar.  We have recently moved into a new home and the house is about 50 years old. As a result of this our lighting is a mixture of Halogen and Fluro lights.  We are looking to swap everything over to LED’s with time. I really like the look of these Armana lights.  I agree with you comment though that for the price you were hoping that they came with brackets.  You mentioned that they come with remote control.  My kids are constantly losing the remote control for the TV…. so I would not trust them to look after the remote for the man cave lighting as well. Does any of these models come with both wall mounted and remote controls? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Armana is the top brand out there for LED lighting, both in terms of bar lighting and household fixtures. All of them come with remote control option so you can access them or change their colors at any point! In terms of wall mounting, 3 of them come with shelving for you to mount on the wall, while the fourth is a long LED strip that allows you to ad the lighting to existing wall mounts/shelving. 

  15. Hi,

    near my house there’s a cool cafe bar which has something similar to TIKI bar LED lighting I think. It changes colors every 20 minutes, sometimes on one hour – purple, blue, pink, green, yellow and something like silver… I’m not sure… between white and silver. It really looks nice and it provides great atmosphere.I think that this lights are important part of bars.

    Thanks for the post.



    1. That sounds amazing! All of these LED options have the remote capability of alternating colors depending on what color scheme you are looking for. I like the red and green alternation, mainly for the star wars light saber aspect (that is the nerd in me)! Other options work as well, it is just a matter of programing it to the color pattern you want.

  16. Good job.  You have done a great product review.  The reader can find the pros of this product easily. From the battery life,  the color spectrum, and durability.  And it has the 💡 lighting option too.  Is the product come along with customer satisfaction guarantee?  What is the alternative product? 

    1. All of these have warranties, and the Armana brand products have a warranty that extends a bit further than most options. The benefit of LED lighting is that these companies back their products 100%, which says a lot in the marketing world.

  17. Andrew,

    They are all so awesome looking! I think I would be happy to have any one of the lighting systems you mentioned. But I would have to say my favorite is the Tiki Bar LED Lighting Kit not only for the versatility of the product, but also for the look and the cost! I absolutely love the way these lights make the bottles stand out.

    I had mentioned in a previous comment on another of your posts, that I am building a “she-shed”, but we gals like our liquors to have a nice display, too!

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more tips to creating my ultimate “she-shed!”

    1. The Tiki Bar LED lighting Kit is one of the best I have ever seen! I love that you are thinking of bring in LED lighting into your she-shed, that would make your liquor bar a hit for sure. Having something that not only is visually appealing, but also screams “look over here” is perfect for anyone’s cave/shed.

  18. These LED lights are cool.  My brother has recently built an outside bar, and this would make a great Christmas gift.  it sounds like the Sparik lights would be ideal for him, I like that it has colour fading and changing options, also it would be all he needs in terms of size. It’s good for me because it’s the cheaper option, but it sounds like you get a lot of bang for your buck.  My question is, are these lights good for outdoor use?

    1. The Sparik lights are an awesome choice, as their look and capabilities is extremely appealing. In terms of outdoor use, these are all good options. All of these have the water resistant coating so they can be used indoor or outdoor. The only concern is the temperature reached outside for the area you want the lights. Most areas don’t get too cold for these so I wouldn’t be too concerned. Get it!

  19. What a good touch these led lighting bars would be for our garden bar. They look really impressive and I must say quite reasonably priced indeed. With a wire remote and 50,000 hours of light you cant really go wrong.

    What iam wondering is how long the range is between the remote and the lights, it would be great if i could control these lights from within my house if someone forgets to switch them of on a cold night hahah its the small things hey!

    1. The technology used in the remotes is similar to that of your remote control – around 25 feet (9 meters) and line of sight is recommended but not required. With that said, you should be able to turn the lights on from another room in the house so long as you don’t have bulky concrete walls in between!

  20. A lighted bar takes the ambiance to a whole new level.  A friend of mine has them in his bar, and it really sets a nice, calm mood.  Even though it is in his home, you get the feeling that you are really gettting a night on the town when he has everybody over.

    The one I am really interested in is the Armana LED Liquor Shelf and Bottle Display. I like that it has a lot of different functions and colors. Very cool. 

    1. Armana is probably the front runner in all LED lighting, as their warranties and products are top notch. Add the fact that they incorporate the shelving with it and you have all the pieces you need at one price. That is a great LED choice!

  21. OMG this is the perfect gift for my father. I have been searching a lot about what to buy him for Christmas. Thank you for the reviews, I think that I will go with the home lighting wine racks and he loves wine and it’s amazing that they have 26 colors. It’s good and small and I think it’s perfect.

    1. That is a perfect choice! The lighting will help illuminate the glasses and provide the right ambiance that I am sure your father will love!

  22. Wow! The LED liquor bottle shelf looks really nice.

    We have a bar counter in our basement without LED lighting. I think it is time for us to add the new LED lighting and shelving. The bar LED lighting kit you recommended are beautiful.

    I am interested in the 2-foot LED bar shelf with lighting. I will look at Armada series.

    Thank you for your review.

    1. Armada is the best series, although if you have a bar and want to add lighting underneath, you can always get the strip of lighting and go from there too. The 2-foot Armada series is ideal though, as it provides the best lighting without taking up as much space. 

  23. Wow,these are amazing bar shelves to gift someone with a man cave and looking for something stunning to be the focal point. I  am  definitely going to share this article with someone that o think would really love this . I am also going to save and get one for my spouse as a gift , I am concerned though about the maintenance of these shelves,since they are connected to some form of power ,are they not risky to clean? Do they have electricity currents that can get someone electrocuted if liquids spilled on it?

    I wondered if any of these LED shelves could also work in the bedroom to display candles or flover vases,I have a feeling it would add some character to the room, just a woman’s perspective,Lol  Thank you for this review.

    1. Cleaning these LED lighting fixtures is actually easy. Each cord/outlet is water resistant, although when cleaning them a simple duster or damp water cloth does the trick. They were all originally designed for restaurants and bars, so they have gone through the tests of spills of all natures. 

      As for your idea of lighting a bedroom or flower bases, that is definitely a possibility as well- they are multi-functional!

  24. There is just something about LED lighting. It does give that little something that will make things stand out from everything else.

    The SPARIK ENJOY Home Lighting Wine Racks sounds like something I would be interested in. I don’t need an abundance of shelving and light space. It’s dimensions would work for my home since it two feet long and can hold about 7 bottles of liquor. This is also great for people who live in apartments since it is minimal in size. I also appreciate that Sparik shelving comes with 20 available colors and a variety of options to make your lighting flicker, rotate, and dim all with the easy click of the remote’s button.

    1. I love the Sparik Enjoy option for that limited space option as well. Most home/apartments don’t need an abundance of space for lighting and liquor, and Sparik seems to understand that and give options like these. I too love the variety of color options, as we may want a different color for a different event, show, or activity.

  25. This post is the best post on LED Lighting for a Bar. Here you have discussed in detail about LED Lighting for a Bar.
    I didn’t know about LED Lighting for a Bar before. Now I am very happy to know. And I want to Light in our bar room. Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. I want everyone to know about LED Lighting for a Bar. So that everyone can benefit. The benefits are very well understood. I’m so impressed. Finally, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know better about LED Lighting for a Bar.

    1. Thank you, I hope you find something some LED lighting that fits your bar room and those who see your social media post find something they like as well.

  26. Hi thanks for this opportunity.i personally love the light bar shelve.everyone loves leds, but believe me when I say that not all leds are the same.cheap leds often lack brightness, emit uneven light, lose power over time or break entirely.
    thanks for sharing this lovely  led light guides ,it was so  helpful you make an informed choice on all your led light needs. From garden solar leds, to security lights.

    1. The cheap ones do lack brightness and emit uneven light – I have been unfortunate to buy those before sadly. These options are some of the best out there that don’t succumb to poor quality – thank you for reading!

  27. As we know a lot of men can’t do without the sip of a beer for a day, it becomes their ultimate priority to build a home bar where they can be served at anytime they please to do so… These bars do also add some form of beauty to the home but it has to be well built and well lightened up…

    There are varieties of LED lighting you can use to beautify your home bar and this article helps you compare and make the best of your choice, so stay turned and give your bar that deserved lighting beauty 

    1. So accurate! Although I don’t need a beer/drink each day, the ability to have one when the time arises and the lighting to display it makes it all the better.

  28. LED’s mean a lot to me. One of my engineering activities was designing LED products for military aircraft. This was way back before they became efficient enough and available in the multitude of colors they are today. 

    It takes the use of red, green and blue LED’s to create all the colors in the spectrum by varying the intensity of each primary color stated above, to blend into the various colors a person sees. The plastic overlays act as diffusers to mix the colors. 

    When you mentioned 50,000 hours life, that refers to the life of the LED’s themselves. Not the battery life. The way LED life is specified is the number of hours of continuous operation the brightness decreases in half. Please do not get confused that the specified LED hours is also how long the battery will last. For example, 50,000 continuous hours is the equivalent to almost 6 years. No battery will last that long. However, it is rare that the lights will be used continuously. Hence. the batteries will last long enough to satisfy most uses.

    Can the colors be changed remotely? And programmed to change automatically? It seems that LED lights work best with alcoholic beverages that have the color of water. They look so good! 

    Thanks for sharing how well LED lights can make a bar shine! 



    1. I am so happy you responded as an engineer, as you have so much insight in terms of things that companies do not put on their sites. The 50,000 hours life is for the lights themselves, and as you mentioned it is unlikely that people will have their lights going non-stop for 6 years (we would hope). Most options allow for the colors to be changed via a remote, while one requires you to change the color on the shelving itself. 

      The LED does work best with the clear liquids, as the lighting goes through them so well – however a light rum/scotch in a clear or light green bottle has had some nice coloring as well!

  29. I must say I have a better understanding of what goes into a mancave space.  Love the way you broke everything down to make it easy to read and identify with what men need and look for.  Too bad I am a single woman, need to get a man so I can help him create his space I guess and then he can help me create my she-shed. 

    Thanks again for such an awesome and inciteful site on this topic. 

    1. Thank you for reading – I do have another post on She-Shed’s should you want to see what you can do for yourself. We all deserve a little space to call our own!

  30. Heloo Andrew, I must confess This is a nice article.

    The Led light are indeed awesome, they have the ability to beautiful and make look good the environment in general. And for me I even prefer these LED lightings to some other form of lightings because  it does not emit polluting radiation and  also very safe, it doesn’t not pose a health hazard. 

    These are really beautiful. 

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