Man Cave Bar Stools

Bars come in many shapes and sizes depending on the preference of the owner. Man cave bar stools should match the height you decide in terms of the gap between the seat and bar, the presence of a back or not, and whether or not it has the ability to swivel in any direction. Although these concepts do not relate to you theme directly, they do affect the overall appearance and comfort level of those you invite into your man cave.

Choosing your bar stool height:

The biggest misperception in terms of bar stools is what constitutes a bar stool or counter stool. In a general sense, bar man at barstools are typically 30-36 inches from ground to the top of the seat. This enables comfortable seating to bar tops that are about 40-46 inches off the ground. A 10-inch gap allows the seated person to feel comfortable when sitting or standing up from a seated position without bumping his or her knees on the bottom of the counter top.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, counter stools are a bit lower in terms of overall height. Bars with counter tops in the 35-40 inch range require short stools to enable the seated individuals to get a better range of movement. These counter stools are typically 24-29 inches in height and have a lower center of gravity.

Whichever type of stool you decide on for your man cave should be dictated by the height of your bar itself. The designs of each type of stool does not necessarily change what you can get design-wise. Both counter stools and bar stools can have the same appearance, customization, and qualities to make the perfect man cave bar stools for your guests!

Backless or With Back?

bruins bar stool coverNow that you have established what height you want your bar stool to be, your next focus should be whether you want a backless bar stool or one with a comfortable backing. There truly is no wrong answer in terms of which you decide- it is a matter of taste and style.

In my home, I have chairs and stools with backings in my kitchen and dinning area. However, in my man cave I have bar stools with no backing, providing my friends to be able to lean forward or backwards when they scream in happiness or anger over a missed shot or pass! I have learned over the years that it does not affect too much in terms of your overall appeal when determining what bar stool or counter stool you decide, but it does matter in relation to what you want to provide as a host.

If you are creating a personalized man cave that relates to an overall calm theme (perhaps tennis, golf, or hunter theme), then you will want that backing to put whoever you are hosting at comfort and ease. If you are creating a sport, music, or auto/motor related theme, then you would want to lean more towards a backless bar stool set as the guests will be leaning left and right enjoying the atmosphere and events going on.

Stationary or Swivel

Similar to backless or backed bar stools, determining whether or not you want your man cave bar stools to be stationary orbar stool types swivel capable is a huge factor. Custom bar stools can be on both types, but determining which type fits your theme is dependent on the size and overall theme of your man cave.

If you have a larger man cave, the ability for the people you host to be able to turn and see whoever is talking is a must. A swivel bar stool allows them the ability to quickly adjust to whichever speaker “has the floor”. Men with smaller man cave need not worry about this too much, as their guests are typically in one general direction in comparison to seating.

Additionally, if you have a bar set up perpendicular to your TV and entertainment area, you would want the ability to be able to get your drink and spin to see the TV and not miss too much of whatever game, show, or movie you have on. If you had a stationary bar stool or chair, you would need to get up, turn around, the re-seat yourself. I don’t know about you but when I have something on I do not want to waste time fixing a damn chair when I could be engage in the TV!

Modern, Rustic, or Themed

minimal bar stoolI feel like when I post this section it is a questionnaire for a dating side- what is the bast match for you! But in all seriousness, what type of bar stool is the best for you? Do you want metal bar stools? Would you prefer that wooden, rustic look that some bar stools provide to give it a more earthy feel? Or do you not care as long as it fits your overall theme?

To break this down, let us look at a few themes in a generic sense. Having a theme pertaining to anything in the comic or geek field should (in my eyes) have a more modern or industrial look. This is due to the fact that your theme is related to fantasy and the supernatural. There are instances where witchcraft or wizardry is present in some decor- this would require a more rustic look.

On the flip-side, hunter or hockey themes tend to look better with a more earthy feel. Hunter theme…well I won’t even touch that as it is self explanatory. Hockey is a game of grit, sticks, and pads- all qualities that are present in woodwork and proper sanding. Having a hockey theme, or even baseball for that matter, could enable you to find bar stools made from hockey sticks or baseball bats, enabling you to have that little something extra to get the boys talking and the jealousy flowing!

Time to begin!

There is no wrong way to start your man cave bar stool setup, but there are some things you need to consider. The height, swivel capability, back or backless, and the material that makes up the bar stool itself should all be considered in determining what type of bar stool you decide to go with.

If you have any questions or ideas on which route you should take, feel free to type a comment below and I will respond shortly!





4 thoughts on “Man Cave Bar Stools”

  1. Wow. I didn’t know there was a difference between a bar stool and a counter stool. I don’t like backless barstools. I prefer, what I call high chairs. And it’s interesting that a backless stool or one with a back are contingent upon the theme. How interesting. In general, I prefer a modern look when I furnish my apartment. I was never into rustic. However, I think if I had a girl cave (Is there such thing? You should write about women caves!) I think I would want it to be a combination of rustic and modern. Great article.

    1. Rustic and modern themes are so versatile in relation to bar stools. Backless bar stools are far more comfortable when hosting friends and family, but the backless bar stool enables you or your guests the versatility of moving any which way to catch what is happening in the room or on the TV. I am looking up ideas on she-sheds or she caves as we speak, and hope to have a post on one in the future.

  2. Hey Andrew,
    Great suggestions on how to choose the best bar stools for your preferred them and great to know the various variants needed to be verified before choosing one.
    Liked the way you break down the different themes, the most I like is your idea of Having a hockey theme or baseball theme and using hockey sticks and baseball bats for making a bar tool. I think this could be a fantastic theme.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! I have always like the idea of reusing actually equipment to make your man cave something special. Even a lamp base made from hockey pucks or baseballs would be amazing. The ideas are endless once you decide what you want to do

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