Man Cave Decorating Ideas – Themes and Accessories

The hardest part in any project is determining where you want to start, and what you want the end product to look like. The size of the room, how many people you plan to host, and what you want the ambiance to be like are all mitigating factors that will affect your steps going forward. The best man cave decorating ideas are ones that you mold to fit your “image” and that of the “experience” you want to create for yourself and those you invite over. Below, we will go over a list of things to consider to help you build your perfect man cave.

Choosing your Theme:

We all have passions, hobbies, and interests. When considering your man cave decorating ideas, you must determine what overall theme you want before taking other steps. This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing just one theme, but rather your overall theme. For instance, you might want a man cave to watch sports with the boys- this would include sports related decor throughout your cave, but perhaps with some rustic bar stools/tables to add a different element that is appealing to your view of your very own cave!

There are a plethora of themes out there, an endless supply of random themes for random personalities- what fits you? MusicForThePeopleThe most common themes you will see are:

Marvel Stuff

  • Sports
  • Comic/Geek related (DC or Marvel)
  • Music related
  • Auto related
  • Decade related

These allow for a wide array of choices for you to build on each theme. If you are an avid sports fan who loves classic cars, you may have sports memorabilia with bar stools made to look like hubcaps or steering wheels from your favorite childhood car! With that said, let’s now look at your man cave decor and what man cave decorating ideas come next.

Selecting Your Man Cave Decor:

Now that you have selected your theme, it’s time to determine what you want in your man cave! There is no right or wrong in determining what exists in a man cave, as you alone determine what you want your overall outcome to be. Most man caves have a few similarities though:

Man Cave BarOutside of these man cave must-haves, there is an endless array of ideas to may your man cave your own! Do you want a billiards table if you have the room? Done. Do you want a second, smaller TV for bar area so you don’t miss anything while hosting or grabbing a drink? Done. Once this “blueprint” is laid out as to what you want and what you are still looking for or open to, all that is left is setting aside your budget.

Setting Aside Your Budget:

Funding is the root of all evil in anything in life. No really, it is. Mortgage payments, car payments, groceries, child care, etc- the list goes on, but that’s where we are here to help break it down. A man cave for many is simply a place to get away from all the stresses in life- why not plan for that in a progressive way rather than an all in at once methodology? Prioritizing what you want will dictate how achievable it is to your available budget. For example, here is how I broke down my priorities:

  1. Choose the furniture for my man cave. Before I can even have people over, I want to be able to have a place to sit and relax- man cave decor doesn’t allow you to sit and relax!
  2. Select your TV/entertainment options. Place to sit, place to watch the game/movie/show of your choice- done.
  3. Select your bar, bar stools, and fridge options. Once you have a TV, a place to sit, and location for beverages or snacks, who wouldn’t want to be there? If you want the simplistic man cave, these are the main components.
  4. Finalize your man cave decorating ideas and purchase your decor. Decorations can be purchased over time, as nothing is ever truly complete with all the new products coming out, but we hope this website helps change that!
  5. Select last minute lighting for areas that need that extra umph! Lighting is the last factor to consider, as it becomes a necessity after a billiard table, bar, or similar purchases are made. Your main lights can set the mood for a relaxing time until your budget is met for man cave lighting ideas. But let’s explore that further…

Finalize the Lighting and Entertainment:

At this point everything is in place, minus the final touches. You have your entertainment, but feel like it’s just not enough- that’s where we can help! Whatever theme you have chosen, there is always a search option to meet said theme. Need lighting for your bar counter tops? What about billiard lighting? Maybe bar/under bar lighting? These things are all obtainable with the help of websites like this to ensure you get the exact product you are looking for.

Lighting options can mesh with your other decor without be identical for the theme itself. For example, with a car/motorcycle theme, you can do industrial design and lighting (just to name one example). With a music or classic rock theme, you can install light fixtures made from old whiskey bottles. I won’t list all the possibilities, as there aren’t enough hours in the day to do so, but the end outcome is to make your man cave decorations your own to fit your specific theme and endgame goals. Once you have selected and purchased these things from our site, it is now game time!

Host your Friends:

We have all been to a place in our life where we look around and this “****, I wish I had this”. You are now the one on the other end of the statement who is sitting back smiling knowing you achieved what you set out to create. We hope this website finds those specific decorations you need to make your man cave what you hoped it would be.

If there is ever anything you are searching for but we don’t have added, feel free to send us an email at

6 thoughts on “Man Cave Decorating Ideas – Themes and Accessories”

  1. Reading this makes me wish I had a man cave, even though I’m a woman. I like how you broke down the budget section. I would have never thought of that – list the things you want based on priority. I also love the mini fridge and bar suggestion. I think I’m going to do this.

    It’ll be a woman cave – but with a woman’s touch! I wonder if there’s such a niche for women. You think?

    1. There is! The common equivalent is a she-shed, but that concept can be converted into an in-house room. The most common in-house room theme I have seen for females is a scrapbooking room, however there is no limit on what a (wo)man cave can look like! I encourage you to move forward with it!

  2. Love this idea! I’m in the process of making my own kind of man-cave, and wasn’t sure how to go about it. Great guidelines! Thanks. I’m very much a geeky person and am excited to dig into your ideas for inspiration.

    I’d love to see a table-top games post, maybe for something like Pathfinder?

    What theme did you go with for your own man-cave?

    1. I never thought to do a table top theme but I definitely will now! I have a Boston sports themed man cave (for the major sports) and I have a comic themed one that has been moved to the living area- my wife loves the nerdiness so I created a sports one and moved the comic related things to the living room. We have one wall of DC related heroes and villians and the other side is Marvel. Along the wall up our staircase are the 4 ninja turtles, splinter, and KC Jones, and along the top of the stairs are star wars memorabilia. We really are a pair of nerds! 

  3. You’re right. The best man cave is situated to fit your personality. There should be no doubt that walking into the room is your man cave. I’m a girl, but I organize my space to fit my needs and interests. Your suggestions for making the cave your own are great, I’ll use some of those for my own space.

    1. Ideally, when someone walks into my house or my man cave, I want them to see the real me- my likes, interests, and personality. I hope you can create your own she-shed or woman cave to fit your needs, interests, and personality with the help/suggestions you read here!

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