Music Memorabilia Stores – Top Two Sites Reviewed

Music has been around longer than most forms of modern entertainment, and there is no chance it dies off anytime soon. In fact, there are newer variations of every type of music that has ever been established. Jazz created classic rock. Country has merged with pop music to form a new genre of music. Ska has even come in to existence, combining a music of a rock nature with classical instruments like the trumpet and tuba. Finding music memorabilia stores has been an interesting issue that has grown much like the different versions of music that you hear today. After research and about 20 cups of coffee, I have found two sites that seem to raise the bar in terms of the autographs and music themed decor available online with their ratings below their summary: Hollywood Memorabilia and Press Pass Collectibles.

Hollywood Memorabilia

kiss concertWhen I walk into a man cave, or any room for that matter, I am drawn to the unique items that set the room apart from anything else I see in the house. Some of the most eye appealing things in terms of music related to autographed memorabilia from bands that relate to the man cave “architect”. I am a huge AC/DC and Queen fan, and if I go into a room and see something simple like a poster signed by Freddy Mercury or the Young brothers, I turn into a little girl screaming in awe!

On the higher end of excitement- something that would truly make me scream like a little one- would be something that Hollywood Memorabilia excels in: autographed guitars and instruments. Hollywood Memorabilia has so many guitars and musical instruments signed by the bands that I have grown up with and loved from my early years to present. These bands include AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and so many more. There are literally hundreds of bands listed on Hollywood Memorabilia that have signed products available- it is basically a database of “what bands were famous and what can I get signed from them.”

If your favorite band is Earth Wind and Fire and you are looking for something related to them but can’t decide what, you just filter to the band and click go. As soon as the page loads, you will see things like guitar picks, plaques, signed albums, signed bass or acoustic guitars, and more- all available on one site! The massive amount of content Hollywood Memorabilia has accumulated over time is truly amazing. Whatever band you decide you want in your man cave (or any room for that matter), Hollywood Memorabilia will have something related to it that will be the best wall piece or mantle piece available. The real question now becomes: “How many things do I want to purchase and how much space do I have?”


  • My rating: 9.0 out of 10
  • Content: Musical instruments, Plaques, Photos, and so much more- all autographed
  • Pros: ridiculous amount of available autographed band memorabila
  • Cons: Not much in terms of lamp or other furniture decor related to music


Press Pass Collectibles

Round two of the music memorabilia stores – Press Pass Collectibles. What do you need that you can’t find on mostguitar websites regardless of how much time you look? Press Pass Collectibles has put in a lot of time to create product availability ranging across all platforms. Rather than just guitars, drums and posters, this site has provided the buyers with the ability to purchase concert programs and music parts (as opposed to the whole instrument itself).

We have all seen your basic end table and lamp- but can you image having that end table or lamp made with autographed drum sticks as the lamp stem/table leg and drum heads as the shade to which the lights reflect off of? It is rare that people use autographed pieces as parts of other projects, but the ability to gather multiple parts of a drum set from the same band and create a “center piece” without damaging the products is something that will set your room or man cave apart from anything anyone else has ever seen.

If you are not daring enough to risk damaging the autographed goods, then you can look at Press Pass Collectibles options of plaques, programs, and posters to decorate your walls. Albums are a lost art, but plaques have been created and signed by the bands to give you that “platinum record” feel in your own cave. It has come to the point nowadays that you can even create this option using a CD instead of a record- and Press Pass Collectibles has that option too!

Lastly, Press Pass Collectibles gives you the option of viewing and purchasing performance used memorabilia as well. This is a rare occurrence outside the sports’ memorabilia field, as musicians do not play as many public appearances as professional athletes. If this is your route, then you will definitely be the talk of the town in terms of what your man cave brings to the table!


Press Pass Collectibles

  • My rating: 8.1 out of 10
  • Content: Musical instruments, Photographs, Programs, Performance Used- All autographed
  • Pros: So much memorabilia
  • Cons: limited amount of bands for memorabilia

Which site works for you?

microphoneOne site to rule them all….or two. Each of these two sites offers a variety of products available that are found (in this type of volume) elsewhere. The reality of the situation is that you do not need to choose just one site- why not both? If you are looking for a specific band and what is available regarding that band, Hollywood Memorabilia will provide you with a variety of options. Once you decide on which options you might like from that site, head on over to Press Pass Collectibles and gather up info on what they have that the other site may not.

I have purchased from both sites- a signed poster from one and a program from a concert I went to on the other. Both represent something a little special to me, and provide an element of envy for those who come over and see what I have purchased.

If you have any questions or know of any other sites you may think can put these two in a running, feel free to comment below!





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  1. What an interesting site! My favorite place for memorabilia is Hard Rock Cafe! I haven’t been there in ages, but I still enjoy places with memorabilia. I love 50s places with jukeboxes!

  2. Great site for finding rare and sought after music & sports memorabilia! I live in central florida and I have visited some of the more popular memorabilia stores including Hard Rock, Park Ave CD’s, and Retro Records that also have a good selection of memorabilia. Sometimes, it is hard to find rare memorabilia and these may best be found online like the ones found here.

    1. Oddly enough I lived in central florida for a decade before making my way out to the mountains. Those stores are very good in terms of memorabilia, but the online ones are not as unique as the ones you can walk in to. Like you mentioned, it can be hard to find rare memorabilia and I too believe these are the best online options.

  3. Fantastic article. I was searching the web for places to get more music memorabilia and came across your article. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the picture of Kiss been a huge fan for years. It can be hard to find good memorabilia that you know you’re not getting ripped off but reading your well written article I can tell you know your music and where to get the real deals. Thank you so much and you have a new follower and I will be returning to your site often for more music news.

    1. David, Thank you for the read and I too am a huge Kiss fan! It took me weeks to find different places in which to buy music memorabilia, but I was always second guessing the sites I went to. After purchasing a few things off of the two sites listed, I will never go to another site! I hope you find what you are looking for off these two sites and I will for sure add more music content!

  4. I like playing guitars. Those guitars from rock stars seem very special and they sound like no other guitar can make. It can be very expensive to get one of theme memorabilia. It is a nice website to shop items as a fan. free shipping to USA only sadly.

    1. At the moment there is only free shipping to the USA, however we are working to change that! I love guitars, from 4 strings to 7, and they can be pricey, but they are so worth it!

  5. I enjoyed reading your article! It was interesting and unique (as is the design of your website by the way). I agree with you on the point that you made, that when you go into someone’s man cave, it’s the unique and abstract items that draw your eyes, and can really make or break the man cave. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks! I noticed that every time I go to a store or house I always am drawn to what is at eye level, and that is something a lot of people forget. These music memorabilia sites allow you to get items to fill that wall space with those unique and abstract items that fit your overall theme.

  6. Love the site! Who says nostalgia does not sell? People are looking for simpler times. No better way than to relive memories of past entertainment events, concerts, and the like. That’s why we still see bands from the 60’s still doing tours. No doubt nostalgia marketing will trend up and continue growing. I think about the concerts I’ve seen. And I am still trying to remember the concert I attended in Tokyo back in the late 70’s. At least, I still remember The Doors concert I attended way back when.

    1. You nailed it – no better way than to relive memories of the past! My playlists on Spotify all have at least a handful of songs from bands from past decades. These sites grant you that little something extra that will help you decorate your man cave with items of the past, items from your favorite concerts and events that will bring a moment of nostalgia back into you and your guests lives!

  7. Love anything AC/DC and most of Earth, Wind, and Fire! I think the Press pass is one of the most unique sites i’ve never come across. They have basically everything you need to create your very own classic rock man cave. Always great when a friend comes over and I get to show off my collectible memorabillia. 

    1. Odd story, but I am friends with a few members of Earth, Wind, and Fire, as they grew up with my parents and are really down to earth (no pun intended) people. AC/DC is on my top two bands list, and I love everything about them (minus the fact that their lead singer can’t tour with them so much anymore). Similar to your last statement – I love it when friends come over and are able to see the collectible memorabilia so they can bask in the good times of the past!

  8. This is awesome! I love this stuff! I always loved music and there’s some great things here. I love the Hollywood Memorabilia because I’m into certain collectibles. Earth, Wind, and Fire are something I’d like to get. But what I really love is the Beatles! I already have a lot of Beatles treasures.
    The Press Pass Collectibles have a great many things I’d love to have in my “man cave” too. It sure brings you down memory lane and really brightens up the room and becomes something to talk about with friends and family.

    1. I am glad I could bring you down memory lane, as these sites are a great throwback to happy times of the past. The Beatles were (and still are) a great dynasty in terms of what they did for music. If you are looking for a few treasures of other bands, I highly recommend these two sites as they can grant you that added boost in terms of musical variety!

  9. This is awesome! I love this stuff! I always loved music and there’s some great things here. I love the Hollywood Memorabilia because I’m into certain collectibles. Earth, Wind, and Fire are something I’d like to get. But what I really love is the Beatles! I already have a lot of Beatles treasures.

    The Press Pass Collectibles have a great many things I’d love to have in my “man cave” too. It sure brings you down memory lane and really brightens up the room and becomes something to talk about with friends and family.

    1. I was just telling user ‘inspired marketing’ that Earth, Wind, and Fire hold a special place to me, as I know a few members of the band and they sparked my interest in music. I am a huge fan of Hollywood Memorabilia, as their options are truly second to none in relation to music related memorabilia. Press Pass Collectibles is great for people with varied interests, and I visit them equally as much. I love how sites like these bring you down memory lane (stealing your phrase) and give that little spark of happiness from the past!

  10. Great information about music memorabilia store. Being a die hard fan of old music I always look for music collectibles items. I would definately check out these two sites soon and buy somethings to gift my father on his 70th birthday and it would be a huge surprise for him for sure. 

    1. I love that you are looking for a music related item for your father. These two sites should have what you are looking for, as a 70 year old will have so many happy memories from the past- it is perfect to get him that something special to help him relive those happy memories!

  11. I Couldn’t agree with you more of how unique a room with these items are. it gives that particular stand out look to it. thanks for sharing this awesome review of these music memorabilia stores. If i didn’t stumbles up on this article i would had so much information on these two stores, I really love music, so having these unique items is a plus for me.  the analysis section of each store review is where i found most interesting because now i know which of these stores would be best for me. thanks for this information. provided a lot of insights on how to get unique music collectables. 

    1. Thanks for the read! I too am a huge fan of unique items, and these two sites stand out as the best of the best in terms of getting items from bands/musicians without having to break the bank! I hope you are able to find that unique music collectible to boost your man cave to another level!

  12. Hi.

    Paul here from Canada.

    I came across your site through a referral from some friends, and I am glad that I did. With Christmas just around the corner, I am looking for a place to get some special gifts for a few special friends that are into music and memorabilia like you.

    Thank you for your introduction to “Hollywood Memorabilia” and “Press Past Collectibles.” You have given me a few really good ideas to move ahead.

    Do you have any suggestions for memorable gifts in the ‘Classical Music Arena?’ I have one particular friend that is ‘hooked’ on “Baroque’ and “Chamber Music.” Any suggestions would be very helpful indeed.

    Thanking you in advance once again.


    1. Hi Paul! I sent a message to the two sites, and they are checking their inventory for something related to the classical mindset. Hollywood Memorabilia does have a few copies of sheet music from classical composers, and those are available. A lot of metal or older rock musicians are trained classically first, so the options there actually coincide with one another. If I see something that stands out there, I will give you a shout!

      1. Hi, Andrew.

        That’s awesome that you would take the time to do some homework for me.
        You’ve given me some great ideas by informing me that a lot of metal or older rock musicians are trained classically first.
        I now have some homework to do.

        To your continued success, Andrew.
        Great Site.


  13. This sounds pretty awesome because music is a love of mine and the nostalgia of historical acts are interesting. I own a barbershop and have a poster signed by prince and a concert ticket signed by BB king. 

    I would love to own some instruments of various acts but figured they’d be too pricey for my pockets. I tend to like all genre of music so I don’t have a favorite band per se but my favorite artist of all time has got to be prince, and I would love more of his memorabilia!

    Do you collect memorabilia or own a piece of your own? I know you become said you scream like a schoolgirl but are you full on groupie with the creepy shrines to AC DC? ahaha just kidding my man….

    Do you recommend not putting instrument items in a business rather leaving those for homes, and restrict businesses to small pieces?

    Can’t wait to hear from you

    Shannon Kamal

    1. I am not quite the groupie, but I am pretty close haha. I do recommend putting some of these musical items in your business, so long as you are able to take them down during closed business hours. Some of these items are so unique that others who don’t know where to look would do anything to get them. If you were to put any items you purchase from the sites into your barbershop, I would be getting haircuts or a beard trim there more often than not!

  14. Thanks for discovering and reviewing the two great sites for music memorabilia. 

    I used to collect the ACDC memorabilia when I was younger. It was all kept in the attic of my parent’s house. One day, they decided to move, sold the house and got rid of all the stuff from the attic…. Yes, all of my ACDC treasures too. 

    I kinda forgot about it actually, but your article brought it all back. I can feel a ‘discussion’ with my mother coming on soon (twenty years too late hehhehe).

    Good luck with your memorabilia hunting!

    1. There is no discussion that is too late, although 20 years is close haha. I lost a lot of my memorabilia as well, even the small things like KISS bobbleheads. When I found these two sites, it brought back flashbacks of memories and I just had to spread the news to others!

  15. Cool site for us Baby Boomers. The web design intrigued me so it was a no brainer to read on. I use to play guitar many moons ago and Hard rock cafes in various cities is a must visit for me as well. Wondering if you researched for vinyl and old juke boxes?

    1. Oddly enough, old juke boxes were my first go to when researching this, as they were the big things for all music venues. Hollywood Memorabilia had a few on there, and I imagine they still do if we were to take a peek! 

  16. Hi I am big music and film fan. So I was naturally drawn into reading your sites article. I think it’s grest that you are offering advice about where other memorabilia fans can find prices of the past they cherish. What makes your site so enjoyable is the way you write really shows how much you care about this topic. Keep the passion going. Good luck, Kenny.

    1. Thank you for recognizing that! Most people write just to gain traffic, whereas I only write about something I feel would benefit others as much as it does me. These sites are amazing, and I hope others are able to find the things they want as I did.

  17. Dear Andrew,

    I was looking for some music memorabilia online stores and I couldn’t find a legit one until I came across your post. What a stroke of luck!

    I am actually on hollywoodmemorabilia for about 2 hours now and I can’t seem to leave the website. So many awesome music memorabilia to purchase that I can’t even decide.

    I’ll take a break and come back again later with a clear mind 😛

    I was thinking something from Eminem! Big fan!

    Thank you for the post by the way!


    1. You are falling into the same wonderful blackhole that I did when I first visited that site. So many options from so may musicians – I would get them all if I could!

  18. Hello Andrew,

    I have studied guitar since I was very small for many years, I love music. How nice to find your site and what beautiful musical memories appear. I’ve been a fan of the “Beatles” and other rock bands. Photos and musical instruments of the time can be purchased in the shops you mention. I will keep them in mind to have them as a treasure in my room. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I hope you are able to find the right treasures for your room. The Beatles created a massive influence on music, and they are one of the most iconic memories for most. The two sites mentioned do have those photos and instruments that could elevate your memories and bring the past into the present.

  19. This is cool.  Haven’t been to a memorabilia store in a long long time, but when I did I stayed a while.  At one time I thought about getting some music memorabilia, but there is so much crap out there or fake stuff I would be completely lost.

    Not any stores that I know around here however.

    1. These two stores are the best options for the online stores for people like you and I. There aren’t any stores around me, and the few that do exist have a very limited collection. Hopefully if you are looking for a few music related items, you take a look around those two sites and find what you need!

  20. Yes!!!! As a former Hard Rock lover and all heavy metal music lover 🙂 I am loving this post. Personally I’ve never heard of these two sites but they sound amazing. All this brings back so many good memories back in the 80’s and  early 90’s.  I think Hollywood Memorabilia sounds better! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hollywood Memorabilia is better in my opinion, and I am so glad this brought back memories! Why a former hard rock lover?? That should never have former in front of it!

  21. Great article! I’m also a big Queen fan. I like collectables but sadly I have very little music memorabilia. I also don’t have a man cave to put it in if I did. As a musician and hunter I’m already pushing the line with what my wife will let me keep in the house! But those look like good memorabilia sites.  Is there a lot of fake music memorabilia  out there? I assume these bigger companies can check that? The ultimate would be getting stuff from shows which is tough to do, especially for older bands. 

    1. There are a lot of fake sites out there that promote certain things, but can’t provide the documentation showing that the items are authentic. These two sites have all those papers and provide a great service with their amazing products. These sites do have things from shows though, whether it is concert used or set sheets from their music lineup!

  22. Hi and what a cool review of a huge passion. Music. I’m a rock and roll man myself and Incan see you have done some great research on where to find the best memorabilia for an affordable price for your site visitors. Is there anywhere else you would recommend for getting something truly special, even if it costs a pretty penny? Thanks Kenny

    1. There are a few other sites out there, but not with great selections. Amazon has options, but they are limited as Amazon doesn’t specialize in one thing- they sell everything. If you want unique or rare items, this is your best bet.

  23. Love your site!

    Press Pass Collectibles seems especially intriguing – the way they combine autographed items into tables and lamps…there’s some value-added there. I’m partial to Van Halen, especially the 6-pack days, but was too young to see them in their heyday. Got to see them with Hagar, though, and they rocked! I’ll check the sites to see if there are any vintage concert programs from VH’s early days. That would be cool.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Van Halen was and is amazing! I believe they have a few vintage items of Van Halen, but not sure about Hagar but I wouldn’t put it past them! 

  24. Thank you for this great review on music memorabilia stores. I agree that as the population ages more and more people will pay good money for a little bit of memorabilia from a band that they used to like back in the day.  Bands like Queen and ACDC and Kiss would definitely be right up there in terms of most wanted “man cave memorabilia”.  I was just wondering that when it comes to buying the perfect signed accessory for your man cave…. how do you make sure that you are not buying a “fake” or counterfeit item?  It seems to me like these items have the perfect storm of being hard to source (find), highly collectable and tradable….. and available on the internet.  Fakes and scammers would be all over this space for sure.

    1. These two sites have the certificates of authentication to validate all their products so you know you are getting the real deal and not a fake. After hours/days/weeks, these are two of the few that have legitimate items that are backed by their warranty so you get the actual product you are looking for!

  25. This is really cool. I simply love music and everything that has to go with it. I just got to start off my day listening to my favorite playlist so I can begin my day with some positive thoughts and energy.

    But anyways I am creating a room in my house dedicated to all my favorite bands and artists like The Beatles and Michael Jackson. I just figured since that I have some extra room in my house why not make it memorabilia room to the music I can’t live without. So this article was exactly what I was looking for. Most definitely going to check these out. Great article, very helpful. 

    1. A Beatles and Michael Jackson room sounds amazing! There are so many memorabilia items out there that fit those two icons, and I have seen plenty of things for sale on these sites. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  26. This is very interesting! When I have my dream home I want to make myself a “man-cave.”  It is great to have these two sites as resources to get collectibles for it!

    When I do make my man cave I will have to look for some AC-DC memorabilia as well as Queen! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    If there is a specific piece of memorabilia that I can’t find on these two sites are there any other places you would recommend looking??

    All the Best,


    1. I have researched all over the internet, and I don’t know of any other websites to find the rare items that have the certificates of authenticity to validate their legitimacy. I could recommend a few that look to be legitimate, but these are the only two I can 100% say are authentic.

  27. Indeed the two sites are complementary to each other. I love the fact that Press Pass Collectibles offer the possibility to purchase music parts and concert programs. I remember back in the days when some of my cousins  were fans of certain rock-stars, and always had their photos glued to the walls of their bedrooms. Hollywood Memorabilia would have been a great asset to them if only it existed at that time.

    It’s amazing how you find almost everything online, and I didn’t know such valuable collections existed. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

    1. These sites would have taken the internet by storm if they existed back in those days. The ability to find the exact music memorabilia item you are looking for without having to leave your house is perfect!

  28. thank you for thi sgreat post. I did not know that there were places like Holywood Memorablia where you can so easily get memorobilia for you favourite band. I will definitely be checking them out. Like you I am a big Quen fan, have you had a chance to see the new movie yet? I havent but i looks great!

    1. I haven’t seen the new movie yet but plan to tomorrow as it is my day off. I am hoping it is everything it is being made out to be!

  29. Being a 51 year old this site is incredible.  It brings back so many great and nostalgic memories.  This is exactly the kind of place I need to add to my man cave.  I have sports stuff but have been wanting to add to that,  I also see you have a sports page so I will be checking that out to.  Thank you for putting this together.  Will you continually be adding new choices?

    1. Glad these sites are bringing back those nostalgic memories! I plan on either updating this page as the days pass if I find new sites that are top notch, or I might simply add a new post with newer sites that fit the needs of readers and music fans!

  30. This is so cool! 

    Thank you for the awesome breakdown of each site.

    Would you say that you have a favourite? It seems as though they are both different in their own way.

    I would say that Press Pass Collectables is best for me as I like the classic signed guitars instead of random things that are signed – but that’s just me. 

    I have started to explore both sites and am having so much fun looking at everything!


    PS – How did you come across these sites?

    1. They are both different, but in terms of music specific memorabilia I would go with Hollywood Memorabilia. Press Pass has so many options for a variety of products, ranging from music to sports (my other hobby), so Press Pass is better for the dual fan functions. 

      I cam across these sites when I was trying to find somewhere online to get a signed guitar for my wall. I wanted something classic from AC/DC and I couldn’t find one anywhere that had the paperwork saying that it is certified and authentic. These two sites came up I think on my 6th or 7th day or looking and I have never gone back to another site!

  31. Hi thanks for this favorite memorabilia is hard rock cafe,I haven’t gone there for sometime now.. I was searching the net for places to get more music memorabilia and came across your article.It might be hard to find great memorabilia that you know you’re not getting ripped off but reading your  article I can tell you know your music and where to get the real deals. 

    1. Finding memorabilia for reasonable prices is extremely hard. These two sites are the ONLY ones that offer decent prices and the memorabilia they are selling is entirely worth it for a fraction of the over-priced places elsewhere.

  32. Music connects every part of your body to a point that helps ease you of worries and pain that’s when you even play on home theaters or head phones. So one could imagine how fun and appealing a music memorabilia would be.

    I have been yo central Florida and I have visited so Records that also have a good selection of memorabilia. Sometimes, it is hard to find rare memorabilia and these may best be found online like the ones found here. They would blow your mind

  33. Music has been around longer than most forms of modern entertainment, and there is no chance it off anytime soon.
    This post is the best post I have ever seen. Here you have discussed in detail about Music Memorabilia Stores.
    You have very nicely distinguished between Hollywood Memorabilia and Press Pass Collectibles. Hollywood Memorabilia and Press Pass Collectibles are fully mentioned here. The advantages and disadvantages are well-illustrated,
    I learned Everything from this article on Music Memorabilia Stores. .I’m so impressed. Thanks for presenting beautifully.

  34. My musical tastes ranges from ancient times all the way to current creations. The sweet spot was the classic 60’s to 80’s when music was raw, compared to being refined like today. My teen years were in the hey day of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. I went to Liverpool University and lived near Penny Lane at the time the Beatles released that song. Guess what happened. The street signs disappeared and reappeared in dorm rooms of some students. Groups like The Who and Cream played at our Saturday Night dances. Those were the days.

    It would be great to pick up some memorabilia from those times to add to my extensive vinyl record collection purchased when they were originally released.

    Can one visit these memorabilia stores or are their products only available online. I know it is hard to give a price range as that would depend on the artist and the item. Can you advise what would the minimum budget be to even consider making a purchase from these stores? 

    Thanks for such a wonderful post.


    1. I too have a music taste that spans decades, often choosing music based on the activity I am doing or the mood I am in. These sites are online only, as they offer the memorabilia worldwide – have in person stores would limit their inventory and fanbase. In terms of budgets, that is dependent on what you are looking for. You can find some signed records, guitar picks, or other items for less than $50, however if you are looking for extremely rare items, those are in a heftier price range. A good budget I would recommend is $300, as you can get one large item, or multiple items at a lower price range.

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