Outdoor Man Cave Ideas – Backyard Bar Sheds

We have already gone over so many ideas for indoor man cave themes, but let’s dive into the realm of outdoor man cave ideas. Whether you are choosing to decorate a garage, gazebo, or man shed, you have a variety of options that can bring your outdoor man cave to another level. The best option that seems to be trending is the concept of decorating your very own man shed. There are a variety of different man shed options- let us dive into what to focus on and what decor options you can use to bring this outdoor man cave to life!

Outdoor Shed

man shedThe pinnacle of your home away from home. Man sheds (and even she-sheds) have become a craze across the globe, enabling you to create your very own room without taking up common living space in your household. Sheds come in a variety of size- but for the sake of clarity let us focus on man sheds that allow you enough space to sit comfortably.

If you are going for a simple outdoor bar with television and bar stool seating, a basic shed with a 6-foot wide, 6 to 8 feet in height, and 4 feet in length is your minimum. You want enough height to be able to stand comfortably when entering the shed, as you may need to step in to grab a drink, snacks, or any other hosting item. The 6-foot width enables you to seat multiple people without them feeling crammed into a small area. This allows the people you host to sit happily and comfortably.

Man sheds that are being designed as a whole man cave should be a bit bigger, allowing you to decorate and “deck out” in enough ways to set the atmosphere you deem fit. Your basic household room is 13 x 15. This size enables enough room for furniture and decor with enough space for you (and your guests) to get around without bumping in to every item in the room. With this minimum man shed size, you will be able to add a bar, furniture you choose, lighting, and wall decor to put your outdoor man cave on another level! Now that the size is settled, let’s look at themes.

Tiki Bar Ideas

Your outdoor man cave ideas should all pertain to a theme, and why not start out the theme ideas with the ultimate tiki barparadise- a Tiki Bar theme! When I think of a relaxing, peaceful getaway, I think of a tiki bar with a nice cold drink and sports on the TV. Why not bring this idea to life with the concept of your very own Man shed Tiki Bar!

Bamboo and hollowed out wood enables you to recreate a tiki theme in that you can create a bar with a bamboo front and siding with a glass top that gives it a Caribbean vibe that screams “Drink please” (or in my words a Rum Runner or Margarita). The bamboo concept can also be used to create bar stools with that island paradise feel in a backyard landscape.

To expand on this, you can add lighting or drink ware with the Tiki Bar concept by using coconuts or Caribbean fruit replicas as the centerpiece for your creating. Half coconuts used as Moscow mule cups, full coconuts with straw holes used for mixed beverages, and more- an endless amount of ideas all at affordable prices! Additionally, you can use these same coconuts in combination with Pom Poms to create lamp shades, creating the ultimate laua concept.

Jungle Theme Ideas

rainforest rugFrom an island paradise to a rumble in the jungle, let us look at the opposite end of the outdoor man cave decor spectrum. Imagine opening the doors to a shed only to find king Kong or the planet of the apes staring back at you! Just kidding (am I really though?)- what I meant to say is imagine opening the doors to a shed only to find a jungle paradise, filled with all the rain forest amenities minus the dangerous animals, reptiles, and amphibians.

When I think jungle, I think wood, leaves, rocks, and primitive weapons. There are a variety of options here in terms of decorations, many of which are similar to the Tiki Bar concept. You can create a bar and furniture from wood and leaves common to jungle of whichever area you choose. What sets the jungle apart from the Tiki Bar concept is the integration of animals- allowing you to create a man cave with animal decor that almost comes to life!

You want an ape hand as an arm rest? Let’s do it! Need a bar where the front mirrors vines and trees? Entirely do-able. There are so many things found in a jungle that can be recreated to whatever image or ideology you see fit- the first step is to choose that theme and select the elements that you feel are must haves. Everything else can be created off of those initial decisions.

Sports Bar/At Home Tailgating!

Tailgating without having to worry about driving home? Sign me up! Most of us have been to a tailgate at some point in ny jets tailgatingour lives, basking in the glory of fresh grilling, cold drinks, and rowdy fans playing catch, corn hole, or drinking games. Bringing this interactive environment to an outdoor man cave is a recipe for a good time, as your guests will be interacting throughout the day/night!

The benefit of an outdoor sports themed man cave versus an indoor one is the ability of this outdoor man cave allowing the people included to play games without the possibility of destroying your decor or flooring. Spilled beer? No problem, the grass our outdoor concrete has soaked it up. A game of corn hole right night to a grill? Not a problem, the man cave, bar, and TV are right there so you don’t miss a second of the game! This is the ultimate tailgating concept without the worry of destroying your house or worrying about driving home late after a few drinks.

We have already gone over concepts for sport themed man caves, so I won’t delve more into this. However, let us touch a topic that is only fitting for the outdoor man cave- a trip back to the wild wild west!

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Western Bar Theme

western barYour own OK Corral? Yes, please! The only thing that would make this theme less appealing than it sounds is a corny rendition of Will Smith’s ‘let me welcome everybody to the wild wild west’. When determining how to decorate your western themed man cave, you must determine what elements to start with and what era to mirror.

Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Calamity Jane. Etc- the list is too long to list, yet too captivating to leave out! Having the entrance to your man cave as swinging doors like the entrance to a saloon would be the ultimate starter to setting the mood for the ambiance you wish to create. From there, you can go with a western jail cell as your bar area, a speak-easy bar theme, or even a horse troth as a means to supply you and your guests with the food and beverages they need to enjoy their night.

In addition to all of this, the wall decor option is endless. Wanted posters, lassos, replica firearms- so many options for an era so famous. The difference between this theme and others is that the history is so rich and cultivating that there is endless memorabilia for reasonable prices. Mugs, miniature spit buckets, and vintage wooden cups are numerous options for drink ware that will compliment whatever furniture, bar, or wall decor you decide on!

Choices, Choices

Now is the hard part- what outdoor man cave theme will you decide on? If you have any other themes or concepts, feel free to jot them down in the comments section below. Also, if you like or recommend any alterations to anything I have mentioned, write them down below too for others to see and respond to!





4 thoughts on “Outdoor Man Cave Ideas – Backyard Bar Sheds”

  1. HI there. I love this site. OMG, man sheds and Tiki bars? Who thinks of this stuff? I clicked on your link to Amazon, and I can’t believe they sell this item. Mind-boggling. Let me ask you, if you buy a man shed, is it mostly assembled, or do you have to really know construction to put it together? Also, do you annex it to your house, or is it stand alone?

    I love taking the tailgating home concept. Again, I’m no sports fan, but these ideas are so creative, I could really get into them. Thanks for a great article.

    1. Thank you! When purchasing a man shed, the assembly is dependant on you- you can have them deliver a pre-assembled on or you can purchase kits and build it yourself. It truly is a matter of taste- I prefer to build it myself so I can add or subtract qualities to my likes (like added a bar in a spot where storage would go).

      Most sheds are stand alone, however there are a few that you annex to the house- these are a bit more tricky as you need to get them to match with the HOA requirements. Additionally, if it is a stand alone, your man cave or she shed has that extra buffer zone from the house, allowing your paradise to be that much further away from the stresses of reality!

  2. That’s such a cool idea, man. I’ve a buddy who’s a complete Star Trek nerd and he wanted to trick out a room in his home like something from the Enterprise – the next generation ship not the Kirk one. His wife nixed that idea in the bud 🙂

    So he’s converting his man-shed into a mini version of the bar on the ship. I think he wants to use it as a place to test out weird alcohol concoctions on his unsuspecting buddies. Not sure if we should be looking forward to him finishing this project. I’ll point him in your direction, btw! 🙂

    1. Your buddy sounds amazing! I have seen people convert man sheds into first-class sections of old Pan-Am planes, some with a tiki-bar theme, but have yet to see a Star Trek conversion in person! This would be the perfect place to create alcohol concoctions- he could name them using Klingon terms or Romulan and it would be a hit!

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