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The common them is life is “no two people are alike.” This concept has been around longer than any of us, yet it thrives because it relates to everything. When personalizing your man cave, you want those custom items that sets your perfect getaway better than others at a cost that fits you. Personalized man cave items allow you the opportunity to set your man cave in its own echelon- mandating that THE MAN runs the cave, not any man. With a few tips and recommendations, we will look to set your man cave apart from the others, or even provide you with ideas and product to purchase for that special someone who is not quite there yet with his man cave finalization.

Personalized Wall and Floor-to-Waist Decor:

When entering any room, the first thing that people tend to notice is at eye level. Eventually your eyes migrate to notice everything else that makes up the room, but the items on the wall or objects that come from the ground up to waist/eye level are the first attention grabber.

Rather than these “eye catchers” being everyday objects, paintings, or plain photographs- why not make them unique, personalized wall decor that become a conversation starter? These objects can be something as basic as a bunch of bottle openers organized to form an image (for example, a bunch of bottle caps or bottle openers placed and mounted to create an image of a car, guitar, or sporting reference). These are cheap things that can be organized in a way that will create a whole new accessory to personalize your man cave! There are so many examples of reclaimed items that can be transformed to may your man cave stand out- but don’t forget to stick to the overall theme.Bottle Tops

As for ground to waste (or higher) items, the list is much to long. Lamps, coffee tables, and end tables are the most common items present in a room outside of furniture, but why not a personalized twist on them? End tables and coffee tables are amazing for placing drinks and food on, but tables that stand out create a conversational piece for not only when your friends are over, but also to their friends when they leave.

BarrelsReclaimed barrels, car parts turned in tables or lights, or even excess liquor bottles can be turned in to the perfect end table, coffee table, or light source! My wife and I just visited a friend who used an old Chevy stick shift as a knob to turn on his bar lighting. Let me repeat that- an old stick shift as a light switch. Genius. It is ideas like this that can turn your basic room into a personalized man cave. Let’s check the score: You 1- Your friends 0.5 (they got to experience it, they win too!)

Bar Accessories:

What else is noticeable at eye level? The bar!!! Custom or personalized coaster, shot glasses, beer mugs, shakers, etc., the list goes on and on. The focal point in any bar should be the bar stools, the bar itself, and the glasses in which the drinks are served. Red solo cups or basic glasses- that is college. You are a man, not a boy- show it. See your friend in the corner drinking out of a plastic cup? He is drinking because he is depressed. That other guy drinking out of a custom beer mug he has never seen- he is drinking out of pure happiness.

Wall of BeerGetting bar stools and mugs or shot glasses based on your theme is even enough here as we have most options, but you must remember to tie the room together. If your them is sports, let’s customize your bar stools to stick to that theme as well as your mugs. The benefit of mugs though is that those can be tailored to a secondary sport and still bring the room together. Hell, you can stack up different mugs for different sports and have the perfect set for whichever playoff series is on! Sports was just the one example, but it applies to all themes with a little help of some custom signage .

Custom Signage:

Whose man cave is this? Damn right it is yours! Why not have some signage to show it? There are so many options in terms of signs that can be personalized to whatever theme you chose. I have so many comic and sport related signage that tailor to my likes and interests depending on what look I am going for.

NFL Playoffs on TV- my door has football related signs upon the entrance with a few mugs filled with that frosty goodness. New Avengers out? Sweet, let me throw up some custom comic bar stools with matching signs. At one point I had have the man cave filled with comic heroes and the other half with comic villains. Nerdy? Yes, but it fit me and the theme I wanted my man cave to be. To add to it, my friends told their friends, resulting in a whole new group of people I could have over or vice versa. The only issue that arises from this is what to get these new friends who have graciously invited me to their man caves…

Gifts Personalized:

We all at one point have had that issue where we want something but our significant other say’s no. Some of you have theLeg Bar Stool communication skills to get that item approved for your man cave, but others not so much. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get that item for someone else! You have a sport themed man cave but your buddy as a classic rock theme– let’s get him that AC/DC bar accessory. Car Theme? Let’s get them a custom couch made out of the grill of a car, or something cheaper like hubcap lighting. The lists are endless and quite often we can’t think of that special something, but hopefully this site gives you that something!

How Will You Personalize?

We have established some ideas that will help you personalize your man cave or that of someone you know-it is time to capitalize on it! Take a look around on the site to see what fits your theme to make it personalized to you. As always, if you need anything we don’t have listed email us at

8 thoughts on “Personalized Man Cave Items”

  1. As I was reading your article, I was wondering if there would be a way to make a bar stool with baseball bats as the legs. Unfortunately, I’m not at the point in my life where I’m able to have a man cave, but I promise myself that I’m going to have one day. Glad I’m not the only one that might put out a few comic book items too! Thanks for some of the ideas!

    1. Jeremy,

      There definitely are bar stools made from bats as the legs- in fact, when Rivera retired as a Yankee, the Twins gifted him a chair made from all the bats he shattered with his famous pitch! I will be adding products in the very near future and I can get a few of those for sale on here. I will copy you when I add them for sure!

  2. My husband can’t wait to get his man cave. That is a must for us while looking for a house. I would love to get him something great for his cave. I like the custom sign and custom artwork idea! He is huge into football, like most men, and I have a great artist friend. Thanks for the ideas, I think I’ll get started on them.

    1. I hope your artist friend is able to create the ideal piece your husband would love! There are so many football ideas- I am thinking of writing a few articles and breaking them down into different parts. I love football and the idea of custom football pieces by an artist is exciting! Let me know how it all turns out!

  3. Hi there. I never thought about the fact that when you walk into a room, what you see is at eye level. I love the idea of custom or personalized coasters, shot glasses and beer mugs. Speaking of bear mugs, freezer mugs are the bomb!

    A double-layer freezer beer mug can help you to freeze beer instantly. When you buy a bottle of beer or other drinks at normal temperature, you can always enjoy the frozen beverage with the double-layer freezer mugs. Freezer mug brings you cold feeling especially during the WORLD CUP and the coming Oktoberfest.

    1. I completely forgot about those double layer beer/freezer mugs! They would be perfect for a man cave for the exact reasons you mentioned. No one realizes that your attention is driven to what is at eye level, but you do subconsciously navigate to whats easily seen without you having to look up or down.

  4. Great ideas on customizing the perfect mancave. Making your own decor is a great way to ensure you have a one of a kind space. Selecting an overall theme is a great way to narrow down your decor options so you’re not all over the place. I would totally have a video game themed mancave, haha. Reading this article has my mind racing around the countless possibilities!

    1. The possibilities are endless! A video game themed man cave would amazing! There are so many ideas to chose from there. On my post… I talk about that in a little detail and link a nice mario themed lamp! If you decide to make a video theme man cave then please post a picture for an update- I would love to see it!

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