She Shed Decorating Ideas – Ladies, This one’s for you!

I know we having been touching on what is ideal for the perfect man cave, but you ladies deserve a little love too! There are a variety of she shed decorating ideas that need to be discussed, ranging from what type of shed you would like, what interior options you have available, and (something the men don’t appreciate fully) the exterior opportunities. Let us begin with finding out what you all are getting into- and what you should look forward to in your upcoming she shed project!

Well Hello There Ladies..

helloQuite often we (men) get fixated on what options are the best to get our wives or significant others in terms of jewelry or small in-house items. We forgot that you all may way a little “home away from home”- your very own she shed with everything you could hope for included inside.

Whether you want the she shed as an escape from the kids, or simply a place to have your girls over for game night, scrap booking, sporting parties, or anything, you deserve a place that you can call yours and yours alone. Do you want a she shed with the ability to host any and all your friends? Or, would you prefer a particular themed she shed that relates to your personal hobbies and interests?

Choosing Your She Shed Size

One of the most important aspects of choosing a shed, regardless of whether it is a she shed or man shed, is choosing a shed size and the shelving capabilities within it. We have broken down the best available sheds on the market, but let us delve more into why these are the best options for your she shed.

When you think of a shed, you think durability, dependability, and capability. You want a durable shed that can fit all your needs- this means a shed that has the length, width, and height needed, plus the strength needed to withstand all the elements that nature throws out at you. The best sizes that match both of these qualifications is under 15 feet in length, 15 feet in width, and 16 feet in height. If you have a shed that is larger in size, you may face issues regarding leftover yard space and weather resistance. Wind is huge factor when purchasing a she shed, as the wind can knock down most larger sheds due to the inserts and materials used in construction.

In addition to the durability and size aspects of a she shed, you want to look at the dependability and capability of the shed itself. Is your she-shed high enough for excess storage? Does your she shed have the ability to add shelving or internal storage for bar components, scrap booking, or other accessories? These are questions that are necessary in terms of what you should assess and plan for, as your she shed (once built) will be harder to add components to after the exterior structure is finalized.

Once you have all these aspects down, you can move on to the best part!

Furnishing in style!

What good is a she shed without furniture! Once you have your shed chosen, you need to determine how you want to furnish it. Most choose a subtle theme that fits the ambiance they are going for, while others choose a specific theme related to their hobbies and interests. We have touched the various themes in another post, so let us dive into the realm of ambiance and relaxation.

furnished she shedIf you are going for a walk on the peaceful side, you want to focus on furniture that fits you. Rustic, modern, industrial – all of these options are viable for you if it matches your overall atmosphere. Making your she shed look like a normal room in the house is extremely easy- you simply decorate it in such a way that you would any other room of the house. If you are attempting to make the she shed your own and stand out from the rooms in your household, then furnishing it with a style you want is easy with a quick search on our site.

However, if you are searching for decor to furnish your she shed with a style that fits a particular niche, we have a solution for that too! Scrap booking themed she sheds can by decorated in a way that draws you or your scrap booking group to custom furniture made by a specialty craftswoman- You! Making lamps from varies supplies you have lying around or coffee tables with a collage of various articles or pictures you have will upgrade your she shack to a she shed in no time!

One of the best options for a she shed upgrade however is a theme we haven’t yet covered – the garden exterior she shed!

Exterior garden and flower displays

What makes a home or she shed stand out before you even enter it? A flower bed or garden! If many of you are like my garden box seedlingwife, you love being able to grow your own fruits, vegetables, or flowers at home. In our garden, we have a variety of zucchini, cucumbers, squash, and peppers of every variety- imagine having these in a hanging garden or bedded garden by your she shed!

Placing garden boxes around your she shed enables you to make this fantasy a reality. You can purchase garden boxes almost anywhere, a few of which in tiered formats to enable you to gain great irrigation without having to tear up your lawn. Add that in combination with hanging flowerbeds and you get a she shed that would put royalty on notice! We see royal families in all countries with these immaculate gardens and flower beds, most often having to hire a variety of workers. This prevents them from admiring their work or even experiencing what they have made.

garden jarMaking these flower beds and garden boxes by your she shed enables you to make it your own. Quite often we grind in a 9 to 5 job, counting down the hours till the end of the day rather than enjoying our time doing our jobs. Creating your own flower or garden display enables you to work at something that you will actually enjoy doing. Why pay money like royal families when you can do it yourself the way you want it- and admire it too!

Make it your own!

Whatever option you decide on a shed, make it your way and stand by it. You can always change what you create as time progresses, but why not get it right the first time and make minor adjustments along the way? Get the she shed you want, choose the style and furniture you want, and then decorate the remaining interior and exterior in a way that meets all your desires. Adding a garden or flower bed (or a combination of both) will give you the icing on the cake!

If you have any recommendations or comments regarding your ideal she shed or what is discussed here, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.





4 thoughts on “She Shed Decorating Ideas – Ladies, This one’s for you!”

  1. Well done on this article.
    I think the outside is just as important as the inside so I was glad to gave that some focus.
    For me the whole experience begins with the environment surrounding the she shed. Its the first thing you see.
    Then that feel good, flows into the interior.
    Very enjoyable to read.
    Thank you 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. Di, you nailed it on the dot! The whole experience does begin with the exterior and then moves on into the interior. No one really wants to enter a she shed or any building that looks like a train wreck on the outside

  2. OMG! I’m so glad you have finally posted about “she-sheds”. Now I would definitely use mine to get away from my kids and to have a card night with the gals. That would be awesome. Ladies are so different from men. Our themes for our she-cave would never be sports. We would Jazz it up girly style.

    What would be my theme? Leopard skin. Or some sort of animal skin. Kind of like a jungle. My rugs would be animal skin and my chairs would be covered in animal skin. Cream colored. Gee… as I’m typing this, it sounds like it could be a man cave too. LOL. Anyway, you’ve got my juices flowing with this one. Great post.

    1. You are so true in reference to men and women having different themes lol. As long as you make your cave your own, the potential is limitless. If you decide to create your own she-shed, please update us here with photos in the comments section as I am sure others would like to see them as well!

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