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Small Man Cave Ideas – Big Man Cave Potential

A lot of us have the issue of wanting a man cave but not having enough space to create one. There are some out there who convert whole basements into man caves, some with a man shed, and others who convert a garage into their man cave – but what about those of us who don’t have that option?

There are a variety of small man cave ideas out there that can help you convert a small area inside your home into a man cave of your own. These can be something as small as a large walk in closet, to a converted laundry room, to a smaller office or bed room. Whatever option is available to you, we have a few steps that will help you get started on creating your very own mini-man cave!

Lay Out Your Floor Plan

With limited space, the first step you need to take is to measure out how much room you actually have. If you have a bedroom or office for your man cave, you have a bit more room than others here, allowing you a few more options that we will dive into in a bit.

layout blueprintThose of you without a full room to work with, perhaps using a converted laundry room, attic, or large closet style rooms will have to measure out the exact room dimensions to work with, as there will be limited space for all you can include.

Once you have your dimensions set, you must decide what you deem as necessities in your man cave. If you “must have” a bar in your man cave, there are a variety of options out there that can fit any size room. For smaller rooms, there is a great bar on my bar reviews post that has a modern look without the bulkiness of a large wooden bar.

Most smaller man caves have to give up space on their entertainment center, as there are far more important things you can invest in besides bulky entertainment centers. If you are willing to sacrifice a bar for a smaller entertainment center, be sure to get one that includes storage options so you can free up space elsewhere to use on other accessories and decor.

Now that you have determined the dimensions, layout, and accessories that you must have, let us take a look and the second step of man cave creation!

Choose Your Theme

We have talked about theme options on a few of our posts on this site, but we will touch on some of the best ones I have seen for smaller man caves for you.

gamingSome of the best smaller man caves I have seen have revolved around two themes: gaming and comic related themes. If these fall into your realm of man caves, then you should be set. Imagine walking into your man cave, taking a seat in your custom comic or gaming chair, looking around at all of your memorabilia, and flipping on the TV to escape the stresses of reality. This is all plausible – in fact, this is all extremely do-able with the correct layout and decor options of your choice.

If gaming or comics isn’t your style, sport themed man caves are the next popular option. Mini-bars, sport themed chairs and coffee or end tables, and various memorabilia across your walls are some quick and easy options that will allow you to set up your man cave in no time at all. Add it a few signed options and you are sitting happy.

There are so many options for you to choose from in relation to choosing a theme – if you are undecided or looking for more options within a given theme, take a look at a few of the posts on this site:

Sports Theme

Comic/Geek Theme,

Era Theme

Star Trek

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and Many More!

Decide On Your Seating Options

In smaller man caves, you do not have the luxury of having multiple couches and seating arrangements that larger man caves can provide. Depending on how your dimensions and how much space you have, determining how much seating you can have is a major factor.

man in chairA lot of people with small man caves only want seating for one to two people, as these man caves are typically getaways for men to have a place to themselves without guests or others interrupting them. In some occurrences, a second seating option is added so you can have a friend to watch the game with, play a game with, or simply have a drink and bask in what you have created.

In all the man caves I have seen and provide insight for, I recommend having seating for two people, as there are always instances where you might want a friend, brother, or dad to talk to in private without having to deal with others around. Personally, I like the idea of a man cave so I can sit down with the old man and watch our favorite football or hockey team without having to worry about the kids or wife interrupting us. Side note: my dad also loves this!

Room layout – check. Theme chosen – check. Seating – done. Now we look at how to spruce up your wall options!

Wall Decor

The first thing people see when they walk into a room is what is at eye level. Deciding on what wall decor you place on your wall is the main concept in terms of making your man cave something special. Small man caves are not necessarily about attracting the eyes of others, but you too have to have appeal towards your man cave.

music decorIf you are going with a sport themed man cave, having autographed photos of your favorite players or signed game balls can make your man cave above many others. Comic or movie theater man caves can have posters or photos that idolize your favorite characters or actors.

If posters or photos are your thing, you can always get miniature memorabilia that you can place on a shelf, creating the best eye candy imaginable. Star Wars fans can put a little tie fighter, millennium falcon, or characters on a shelf and create a little piece of the movie in their own man cave.

Whatever concept you are going for, find the right items and make it into something a bit more. Rather than having generic flee marker memorabilia, find that something extra and make your small man cave feel bigger than it is.

Get Started!

With a larger man cave out of the question, setting up a foundation for smaller man caves is a necessity. After getting your layout and dimensions set, you should have an understanding of what accessories you want in your man cave, the seating options you want (whether it is for one person or two), the theme you want, and what wall decor options you want as well.

If you have a smaller man cave or have any suggestions for fellow readers, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

12 thoughts on “Small Man Cave Ideas – Big Man Cave Potential”

  1. I have never actually heard of a Man Cave, but I do know of a good many men who enjoy having their own space, mostly in a converted garden shed.

    My neighbour has a superb purpose built log cabin in his garden which contains a Snooker table, a bar and a music centre, plus couches and other things, and I must admit to being rather envious of that. He very generously shares the space with his friends.

    Is there such a thing as a Woman Cave? I certainly would like one of those!

    Thank you smooch for your post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. There are woman cave’s, better know as “she-sheds”. I wrote a post on them last month if you want to take a look. The concept of a man cave isn’t necessarily just for men- just most households nowadays have the woman as the queen of the house and men get a little side area. The ideas and concepts throughout this site can be used for anyone, so long as you make your “cave” your own and are happy with the end product!

  2. I have all but given up on having a man cave in my small 1000 square foot home.  I always considered my unfinished basement just too small.  For the last 18 years we have just used it as extra storage.

    But recently I have added an access to my attic, and am hoping to use that space to store clothes and holiday decorations, etc.  Now I am thinking of how to finish that basement and turn it into a little man cave, and I’m glad I found this website.

    Thanks for some great tips, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    1. Turning your basement into a man cave would be ideal, but you do have the attic as an option too. If you choose the basement as your man cave, there are a variety of posts here that will help you move forward. If you choose the attic as a spot for the man cave, just be sure to check with building codes, as making it “habitable” is dependent on the high to floor space ratio. If you get your man cave basement going, be sure to stop back in and post a picture!

  3. Hi,

    My husband and I enjoy reading your article, he always dream to have his own man cave, seriously 🙂  He is a big game boy. So he always dream that he can have his own game room playing game with the kids… He wish to have a two sitter sofa with some sponge pillow inside then…..with a big LED monitor..oh dear….you know what he suggest to put at the wall? All related to PUBG items…posters…even AKM gun!! Can you imagine? 

    Sure, one day his dream will definitely come through after reading your article, at least he knows that this can be done.

    Thanks and Best wishes.

    1. Gaming rooms are becoming more and more popular, and PUBG and Fortnite are some of the top eSports games out there. Having game posters and memorabilia along the walls and on shelving will create the perfect gaming ambiance. Combine a nice television or multiple gaming monitors and you have the cave of caves!

  4. Hello Andrew. 

    I think a man-cave is a fabulous idea and I like how you give the steps to make that happen, regardless of what space you have. My husband would be quite content to have a space all his own, with a large screen TV, a small mini fridge, some snacks and something sports themed!  Although he is a stand up comedian, so maybe a cave room set up with a microphone and recording equipment so he could practice would be ideal.

    I think at least one comfortable chair is defintely a must. You could really have fun planning something like this. Of course, as a wife, there is a danger than your guy would get so comfortable in his cave that you might not see him a lot. Maybe you could adapt this so us ladies can have our “woman” cave.

    1. A woman cave is definitely an option as well, using the same techniques mentioned above. I too am a big sports fan, although I do go on binges of watching stand up comedy. Your husband could have a hybrid cave, allowing one side to be comedy based and the other sports. I have a few posts with that ideology if you or your husband would want to pursue that avenue!

  5. I like to think that a man cave is like a fortress of solitude, with the exception that if you invite friends is better. I personally enjoy to spend time with my self, be far away from all the noise for a while. I enjoying inviting friends to come to my “fortress of solitude” in order to have fun. 

    I will take your tips and make my man cave a better place 

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I agree that a man cave is a fortress of solitude, or a temple of tranquility – a place where there is only peace and happiness without the stresses of the outside world.

  6. I have never made a man cave (being a woman and all) but I have been thinking about redecorating my bedroom and all of these tips were very useful. I’m keen to make my room more interesting and I loved the ideas of wall decorations and this is something I will definitely use to make my walls more exciting! 🙂

    1. Walls are left out so often in bedrooms (and man caves), as we are so used to being in our house that we just get used to it. Add a little flare and your bedroom (or woman cave?) will be better than ever!

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