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At this point, you have been searching and brainstorming on what theme best fits you and what you want to be surrounded by. The most common theme nowadays revolves on the ever growing sport industry. Sports man cave ideas are endless, as most people can find autographed items anywhere they look for a given price- but what else is there? Outside of your wall space for these autographs, you have a large area that needs a little TLC too! Whether you are choosing sports as a whole or narrowing it down to a particular sport, we have some recommendations that may help further boost your sports themed man cave. Here is an example of what is to come from youtube user super1matt:

Football Theme

America’s most famous sport that is growing as you are reading! for four months straight, weekends consist of professional and college football games, tailgate, and watch parties ranging from one game to an all day event. The common items for these events relate to food and drinks, but what else is there?

Before we dive into that, let us look at sports man cave ideas that relate to serving food and drinks related to football. The most unique item I have seen through searching the internet are miniature football helmets with two slots, one for salsa dip and one for any other dip. It is a unique twist on hosting finger food that relates to your overall theme! Additionally, there are a plethora of variations of different mugs, beer glasses, or coasters that relate to football- it is a mater of finding the one that fits your desire and budget.

You have you serving decor, now it is time to get the permanent sports related decor present. Lamps that look like field goals, billiard tables with a football field cover, or even bar stools with your favorite football team design are perfect ideas to bring your sports themed man cave to the next level! There are simple version of decorating man cave tables as well, like this 49’s one that can be changed to any team.

Baseball Theme

Chances are you have seen a baseball game and the friendly banter that comes with it. The benefit of a baseball them is that it is filled with so many sports related decor that pertains to ever facet of a man cave. We won’t touch the drink-related options as those are the same for most themes, but let’s delve into what other things we can do.

red sox chair

From the ground up, you can decorate your man cave with unique items that could potentially make your man cave feel like a baseball field itself. From a rug in the shape of the infield to walls covered in decorations that mirror that of an outfield wall, the possibilities are endless once you know where to start. End tables made from bases, bar stools and chairs made from bats, or even lamp stands made from baseballs can lift your man cave ranking from 0 to infinity if done correctly. If you are feeling like buying a chair with your team’s logo, you can do that too, giving it a more classy feel. This yankee chair is perfect for a man cave, except if you are a Red Sox fan like me!

If you are feeling the baseball them in totality, you can even get seats that have been retired from the baseball stadiums. Imagine you and the boys sitting back watching a World Series game or College Championship Series while sitting in the seats from your favorite team’s stadium! The only thing you will be missing is someone walking about yelling PEANUTS, GET YOUR PEANUTS!

Soccer Theme

The world’s most popular sport. As I mentioned before, the drinking options are universal so we won’t go much into that. Except…the world cup! Having a drink or food out of the world cup would be an instant hit for any man cave theme revolving around soccer. Having the ball on top of a miniature world cup replica mug/snack holder would enable you and who you are hosting to have a taste for being at the actual game!

What’s that? You want more? Done. Let us watch that game with a soccer goal back splash over your bar, creating the lighting and atmosphere over the main location you will go to get snacks and drinks in your man cave. If that isn’t enough, you can create a lamp with the appearance of a soccer ball half as the lampshade! I won’t spit out too many ideas, as the man cave is your own, but remember to pick out the unique features that you want and go from there.

Hockey Theme

stanley cup mugsLord Stanley’s Cup. Ice Skates. Hockey Sticks. Goals, pucks, and helmets with visors- all famous items that pertain the biggest blue collar sport around.

Drinks from a Stanley cup replica? Done. Chips from an upside down helmet replica? Check. The possibilities for hockey themed man caves is so exciting and endless, but that is coming from a huge hockey fan. A lamp with the stand itself made from hockey sticks or a hockey skate would be a huge upgrade to any hockey theme, as would a bar with a hockey net as the lighting cover. A coffee table or end table made from sticks is a huge plus as well.

Don’t forget that you could always do something easier as well. Hockey player cards can be used to create a collage on any table or bar counter top that would be unique and effective as well. Hockey puck coaster are a must as well, or even lamps created from pucks stacked in whatever pattern you can find! Now that we covered a gritty sport, let’s move on to some finesse.

Basketball Theme

From the fastest on ice game to the fastest change of pace game on a court, basketball related man caves provide a lot of celtics bar stoolopportunities to mold your room into that special something. Basketballs, like soccer balls, can be fitted into lamp shades and chip or dip holders, but there are many other options too (BAR STOOLS being the most appealing).

Converting a rim into a lampshade with the netting hardened to create a shade is a unique item that would make any sports related man cave stand out. Flooring is another option that stands out, as teams like the Boston Celtics and their unique parquet floor would be the centerpiece for any basketball man cave.

Don’t forget about March Madness too, as that is a huge tournament with a variety of ideas for basketball related decor.

Tennis, Golf, and More!

There are so many sports and so many ideas that can be crossed between them, or ones that make your man cave theme sport specific. Don’t forget to research what ideas are out there and what products/designs may be available to fit your man cave theme.

As always, if you have any ideas or items you feel could help others, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


10 thoughts on “Sports Man Cave Ideas – Stuff of Legends”

  1. I love this post. My husband would love it too. He’s not into any of the sports you have listed here. He is more into Rugby League and Rugby Union. My husbands been wanting a man-cave for years. I told him he has to wait till all our children have flown the coop till he can get one.
    I love the ideas you have here. Very informative. Thank you.

    1. I can toss in a rugby themed write-up for your husband if you would like. The New Zealand All-Blacks are extremely popular in the United States, as are South Africa and England’s teams. Let me see what I can research and I will try and get some content for you soon!

  2. Volleyball and Soccer. I love those 2 sports. Soccer is cool. I just used to hate getting my shins kicked! I love the idea of having a gallon of Heineken in a world cup! What a hit that would be. Better yet, I wonder if they can make a World Cup keg? Now that would be awesome. Thanks for a great article.

    1. A gallon of Heineken would sure give you a nice buzz! I would love a nice margarita in the world cup and a frosty beer in the stanley cup. You can build a bar however you want, and adding a kegerator into gives you options on what type of keg you want. I will look into if they do specific requests on keg designs.

  3. Ha, soccer would be the big thing here in my house. With three boys and a husband, soccer would definitely be a hit. I love the idea of doing chairs with the sports team logos. They would definitely love that. I think this would be even more popular than your nerdy ideas with the comic characters.

    1. I am a huge soccer fan and I think that would be a huge hit among your three boys and husband. As the worlds largest sport, the amount of memorabilia and jerseys to hang on the wall are endless. Combine that with custom lamps made from cleats, a replica world cup, or other related objects. I love the concept and hope you find want you are looking for on here!

  4. Hi Andrew. What a wonderful idea. But I will need to show this site to my wife, and make a lot of hints. I live in Australia. Do you know anything about Aussie Rules Football? I’d love my shed to be decked out with furniture and other gear based on the Collingwood Magpies. Bur I also love baseball and Basketball. I can see you having a lot of success with this website. I will definitely be returning (with my wife) for another look. All the best. Jim

    1. I love Aussie Rules Football, it is somewhat similar to Rugby but on a massive pitch. I look forward to seeing you and your wife comment in the future and if I can help you find that special man cave item please let me know!

  5. Love the post!! lol Will definitely forward it to my husband, he sure love is man cave. I think my hubby will probably go with Football all the way. Lots of fun!! Thank for for sharing this amazing idea to spice up our basement! 

    Hope you have all the themes that you suggested to us here lol that would be a dream land kinda like Disney land come true lol.

    Love it


    1. Football has a huge following in America and it is spreading quickly across the globe. There is so much football memorabilia out there, and we have a few great places to look if you take a look around here on the site. I love that you compare this to disney land, as the goal here was to create a site for those looking to create or upgrade their man cave or she shed to have a one stop shop to find all that they are looking for!

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