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Star Trek Decorating Ideas – Beam me up Scotty!

With the reemergence of Star Trek in both the television and movie scenes, more and more people have been wanting to incorporate this dynasty into their man caves and man sheds. Let us be honest for a second, there were a few years when some series were aired that did not hit the spot for us Star Trek fans. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on the positives of what this television and movie enterprise (see what I did there) has to offer us and what Star Trek decorating ideas are available to spruce up that man cave!

U.S.S. Enterprise- Your Own Star fleet

uss enterpriseWhen I think Star Trek, I think of the U.S.S. Enterprise and their crew exploring the galaxy and getting into trouble with the vast array of species and planets. Throw in a few fights with a few powerhouses and you have the making of one of the best entertainment dynasties of the past few decades.

In terms of decorating a man cave or man shed, you should first select whether or not you want to incorporate the Enterprise or its fleet as your main component, use them as a side component, or simply leave them out altogether. The last option we can dive into later, so let us focus on what the Enterprise and Star fleet have to offer.

Imagine opening the door and walking into your man cave and the first thing you see is a room that replicates the Enterprise’s bridge! This may not be cost effective for most, but for the true fans out there with a few extra dollars to spend, you can incorporate all aspects of the bridge into your man cave. Imagine your chair (you know which chair is yours in any room) replicating Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s. A quick google search will show you that a few of these exist and are yours if the price is right! Add in a few other Enterprise bridge decorations and you are sitting fat and happy with your very own Enterprise man cave!

If you don’t have the thousands of dollars to spend on creating your own Enterprise, then you can always stick to the basics of man cave decoration. In terms of wall decor, having posters or photos of various star fleet officers will grant you a “wall of honor” for those you want to show off in your man cave. Add a bookshelf or display case under these photos or posters and you will have a great stand to show off your replicas of various star fleet officers or Star Trek ships.

Not leaning towards an Enterprise or star fleet man cave? We’ve got you covered! Let us take a look at the biggest rivalry in terms of Star Trek species.

Vulcan vs Romulans vs Klingons

Picture this: as you enter your Star Trek themed man cave or man shed, you look to your left and see a picture of Spock staring straight ahead, followed in line by pictures of the Vulcan council or other prominent Vulcan. Now you look to your right and see members of the Imperial Senate, or maybe you see Klingon icons like Worf and Gowron staring ahead.

The two most similar races in the Star Wars world are the Vulcan and romulans, and their bond (both in hate and bond) star trek commuicatorgrants you the best opportunity to create a man cave that rivals none. Depending on what series of Star Trek you are embodying, you have a variety of routes you can take. If you feel like sticking to the most popular series (or movies for that matter), you want to keep these two species apart from each other. Creating one wall of Vulcan and one of romulans enables you the best opportunity for these two enemies to face each other and still stick to the theme.

If these species don’t fall in line with what you are going for, you have the opportunity to create a man cave theme (or fragment of a man cave) that relates to the popular klingons! In most of the series, klingons are the enemies of all things star fleet. However, in a few series the directors decided to throw in a few characters into the U.S.S. Enterprise, giving this race a whole face lift in terms of what we (the audience) thinks of them.

Undecided? You can incorporate all three of these species or add them in combination with officer of James T Kirk’s ship! The opportunities are endless- you must decide on whether to stick to one race, multiple races, or the Star Trek theme as a whole. If this is too big a burden, let’s narrow it down a bit further with specific series!

Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Next Generation

  • Star Trek: Next Generation


These three series all took place around the same time, both in terms of air dates and star dates. Next Generation is the start of the good years in terms of Star Trek television, bringing in the famous Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean Luc Picard and the famous U.S.S. Enterprise D. For most of the 70s and 80s generation, this was the first time we got to experience the new age Star Trek and what it has to offer.

Star Trek Next Generation enables you to decorate your man cave in ways that others cannot. The ominous being “Q” emerges here and is the ultimate villain in the galaxy. Add in a few new species like the Cardassians, Borg, and Ferengi and you have the footprints for the ultimate wall and figurine decor. Posters, autographed pictures, and different ship displays will create the ultimate man cave experience for any Trekkie.

Also, the U.S.S. Enterprise D is one of the most famous ships that Star Trek has to offer. Creating a display case with this ship will get all your guests talking. If you are looking for something a little more useful, you can create lamps or tables in the shape of different pieces present on the famous ship itself!

Next Generation not your thing? Let’s focus on the next ultimate series!

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


star trek nebulaNot feeling the whole Enterprise, stuck on a space ship the whole series type of thing? Star Trek: Deep Space Nine takes place primarily on a space station! Using this theme, you can mold your man cave into your very own space station- creating furniture in the shape of a variety of components present in the Deep Space Nine space station! If you aren’t DIY worthy, there are a variety of pre-made furniture components available online to create your very own deep space man cave!

Want to spruce up your man cave a bit more? Imagine having a lamp or light shades that mirrors the wormhole between the alpha and beta quadrants. Hell, you can even mold your man cave bar to replicate the interstellar trade post within the Deep Space Nine space station. There are so many options of what you can do to make your Star Trek themed man cave look like it came right out of this series, you just have to put your imagination to work and spend a few dollars here and there.

Also, you can always stick with unique wall decor that makes this series stand out within your man cave. Autographs from key characters, posters from the show, or replicas of characters will make become the centerpiece for any conversation!

  • Star Trek: Voyager


The last series in the dynasty years- Voyager. The costumes here were the same as Deep Space Nine, so if you were to frame a costume from this series you can mold them between the two shows and still stick to your Voyager concept.

To stick with a Voyager only man cave concept, imagine walking into your man cave, seeing your bar and seating looking like the U.S.S. Voyager’s bridge- then glancing past the bar you see into your entertainment area, the Badlands. Most people who haven’t followed the series don’t know what I am referencing, but true Trekkies who want to stick with this concept should truly consider creating a section of their man cave with the looks of the Badlands.

Add in a few posters or memorabilia that relics the Borg species and you have the best rendition of a Star Trek: Voyager themed man cave! There are far too many options to suggest here, as the Delta quadrant has a variety of species and concepts that other Star Trek series did not suggest prior. The key is to make your theme fit whichever of these dynasty series that you deem fits you best.

Now that we are through the glory days, let’s focus on a few of the newer seasons.

Enterprise and Discovery

With the emergence of a newer Star Trek following due to the cinematic renditions, television networks have started up two more Star Trek series:

  • Star Trek: Enterprise


If you are molding your man cave to idolize this series, you must have a bit of an understanding for the prior ones. The star trek enterprise drainU.S.S. Enterprise, the Vulcan race, and warp engines reemerge here and provide you a great opportunity in terms of man cave decor.

Mugs in the shape of warp cores. Posters and autographs of the series. Wood carved into famous quotes from the series. There are so many options here that relate to what has been mentioned in prior sections- you just need to find what relates to you in terms of this series. Captain Johnathan Archer has signed many of his posters, granting you the opportunity of creating the ultimate wall art for your cave.

Add in the display case concept with figurines of Vulcan, klingons, and enterprise crew and you can’t go wrong!

  • Star Trek: Discovery


This is such a new series that there is not enough to promote here, but we should dive into what this series has to offer for your man cave.

Since this series focuses on the war between the federation and klingons, you have the options of creating furniture from federation ships or Klingon war ships. Add it a few mugs that you see in the episodes and you have a unique bar mug set that will stand out above all others. You could even make a set of mugs that look like Saru’s hooved feet!

Add that these options with replica ships of klingons, posters or autographs of key characters, or even wall mounts of the new Klingon look will create a perfect atmosphere for your Star Trek themed man cave!

To Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…

With so many options that pertain to specific characters, ships, or television series, you have an unlimited potential in terms of decorating your man cave. We didn’t dive into the movie series, as those deserve an article of their own and have similar man cave decoration capabilities as the television series.

Whether you choose to stick with creating a man cave that replicates the look of the inside of a star fleet ship, or simply choose to decorate your man cave with all aspects of Star Trek, feel free to take a look HERE at some of the things we have to offer.

If there are any ideas you haven’t read here or perhaps any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the section below!

8 thoughts on “Star Trek Decorating Ideas – Beam me up Scotty!”

  1. Hello and thanks for doing a Star Trek page! I was a huge Trekkie fan when I was younger and even now can still relate to why people love the genre. It’s great that you created a site like this, as you will find I’m sure, that people really connect with what your writing about. Thanks for sharing this information with everyone and I wish you all the best for the future. Kenny.

    1. Thank you for reading! I grew up in the battle between Star Trek and Star Wars, and the debate goes on about the two decades later! I hope these ideas bring the healthy debate back to full nutrition since the Trekkies need to make a comeback! 

  2. Hi – I am not a man but I love Star Trek so enjoyed reading your article.

    I have a stainless steel Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter – which never gets used to cut pizza but is used as a ornament.

    I have enjoyed all the various series, and apart from the first one watched them all as they came out and visited a couple of exhibitions.

    It would be great to see pictures of places that people had decorated with Star Trek models and memorabilia.

    1. I would love your Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter! I have a few things of the Star Trek nature, as my wife does enjoy cosplaying that genre every now and then. I will for sure post pictures on the comment thread later to give a visual of all the great things this genre has to offer!

  3. I never being a hardcore of the series but is it true that in Star Trek there is a massive battle only to end up with a couple bruise and sleeves turn away. Sounds funny to me, you got good creativity for decorating a room. I imagine if this could be done with any other series? My favorite is Dragon Ball z.  

    1. This can be done with any series, as I also have a post for Star Wars! Dragon Ball z has hit the big screen, and the emergence of the fans is making me contemplate a post on that soon!

  4. I have to make sure my husband never reads this…OMG.  It’s bad enough he is aware of the “man cave”phenomenon and sports theme but a Star Trek theme would be too much for him to resist.

    I’m not sure I even want to know the market for this type of décor as I am quite certain the number may well have me asking Scotty to “beam me up”, but for those die-hard Trekkies it’s good to know if they want (or need) to replicate the bridge on either the U.S.S. Enterprise or U.S.S. Voyager it is totally possible!   

    Thank you for sharing this information and I will bookmark this just in case my husband, or a friend, is in need of Trekkie memorabilia.

    1. You husband needs this in his life! Just kidding, but in the hopes that your husband is looking for Trekkie memorabilia, these are the best sites out there in my opinion. Beam him up into the realm of Trekkie memorabilia!

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