Star Wars Decorating Ideas – Use the Force

When you think of movie dynasties, what comes to mind first? The younger generations (mainly millennials) will quickly think of the Harry Potter or Fast and the Furious series, but for those of us born before the turn of the century, there is no answer besides Star Wars. Han Solo, C-3PO, R2D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca….the list goes on and on. These were household names back in the 80s and, with the revival of the franchise, have continued to be household staples to this day. Let us take a look at some Star Wars decorating ideas that will allow you to convert your basic, plain man cave into something even the force can’t take down!

The Jedi/ Light Side

Green light sabers, plain robes, and a calm demeanor were the ideologies behind the light side of the force. These Jedi and rebels created the force for good in the universe, combating evil forces to create a balance that creates all things we cherish. What names stand out when you think of the Jedi’s and the light side?

  • Yodagold c3po
  • Han Solo
  • Chewbacca
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Princess Leia
  • Lando Calrissian
  • C-3PO and R2D2
  • Obi-Wan Kanobi
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • And MANY more

Imagine creating a man cave that embodies these characters and this side of the force! My wife is a huge Star Wars fan, so our decorations have taken over our living room in ways that many wish their man cave could. We have a few light sabers made from supplies from a local Home Depot and have created flower holders and lamps from them. Using concepts similar to this, you can create a massive array of decorations that can fill your man cave with the best of the Star Wars universe.

If DIY projects aren’t your thing, you can set up your wall decor with a variety of Star Wars posters, autographed photographs of the crew, or even art pieces from artists online. On the left side of our television center in the living room we have Princess Leia and Han Solo, while on the right of the TV we have Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca. Combine that with a few pictures of the original star wars case on the left wall above the couch and it is unbeatable!

If you were to use that concept to decorate your man cave, with perhaps a few photos of the Millenium Falcon destroying a Tie-Fighter and you will be the ultimate Star Wars man cave hub. Additionally, you could have a display case or book shelf with a variety of different ships or characters (replicas of course) and you will have everything covered for any fan.

With the Jedi’s and the light side of the force covered, let’s take a look and your favorite villains.

Darth Vader and The Dark Side

With all good there is evil, and these guys are the most evil of them all. Let’s take a look at some of the best Star Wars dark side characters and concepts from the movie dynasty:

  • Darth Vaderstorm trooper changing light
  • Emporer Palpatine
  • Kylo Ren
  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Captain Phasma
  • Boba Fett
  • Storm Troopers
  • Death Star
  • Count Dooku
  • Supreme Leader Snoke
  • Darth Maul
  • At-At
  • And A LOT more

I’m not going to lie, I love a good villain in any show, book, or movie, and Star Wars has created some of the best villains in their Dark Side. Imagine someone walking into your man cave and seeing a large, comfortable chair that replicates that of Darth Vader’s in the original movies? No one, regardless of whether they are a fan of the light or dark side, can say no to sitting in that.

In addition to the chair concepts (and other furniture ideas), you can create lighting that replicates that of a TIE Fighter or the Death Star! Currently my wife and I have a Death Star disco ball as our light over the dining room table, mainly because it is cool as hell and way better than a chandelier. Take this idea and use it in your own man cave, with in combination with LED lighting or custom Star Wars lamp shades.

Similar to the Light side, you can decorate your walls with custom art, photographs (signed preferably), or posters from any of the series. People often forget the power of a picture or poster frame for these. A basic poster may look like it is a $20 plain piece, but if you frame in a nice setting, it looks like it costs in the hundreds. This little changes allow you have a better look than your basic photo or poster here and there.

Side Note: If you want to combine a room of light and dark side, there is no harm in that either. In fact, it may be a better idea than choosing one or the other! Having one side of your man cave light side and the other side dark will create the ultimate yin and yang effect that ties the whole room together. I would love the concept of the light side having photographs of particular characters while the dark side mirroring the opposing villains. Luke Skywalker facing Darth Vader. Darth Maul facing Obi-Wan. The opportunities are endless, and so should be your imagination!

If you are opposed to choosing a theme based on sides of the force, there are other options that pertain to which Star Wars series relate to you. Let’s dive into what began it all.

A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi

dark sideThe start of the franchise. A new hope (pun intended?) for a new set of fans and a new ideology of what is out there in the fantasy world. There have been plenty of fantasy movies in the past century, but nothing comes close to what the original Star Wars Trilogy created back in the 80’s.

If you are choosing to decorate your man cave or man shed with photos, posters, and memorabilia of the best trilogy, you must be looking towards the original Star Wars series. A New Hope brought you the concept of outer space and the world that lay beyond, but combined that with characters that no one else has been able to match.

Combine the above mentioned characters and concepts with the Empire Strikes Back (in my opinion the best Star Wars movie) and Return of the Jedi and you have the ultimate trilogy man cave known to man! Imagine walking into your man cave and seeing a bar that mirrors the Mos Eisley Cantina! The is the most iconic bar in all the movies, and it can be easily made in your own man cave!

Combine that with a fridge that replicates Han Solo frozen in carbonite and who wouldn’t want to be in your man cave! Don’t forget to add posters, photographs, and other memorabilia along your walls or in a display case to tie in the final pieces and you are now the king of Star Wars man caves!

Perhaps you want to focus on the first three episodes, so we will touch on that a bit too!

Episodes 1-3 (the lesser versions)

Let’s say for some reason you want to have a man cave with episodes one, two, and three. To most fans, these are the light saberbottom of the barrel for Star Wars movies, but not to all.

These episodes brought in little Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, and a variety of other characters to form a new trilogy of Star Wars fans. If you are taking this route, you can incorporate the different ships from the driving competition on the planet Naboo. Additionally, Naboo has a couple of great concepts and options to create mugs or custom glasses for your bar!

If the desert areas of Naboo isn’t in your realm of Star Wars decorating ideas, you can always include concepts from the village of Jar Jar Binks! Memorabilia from the underwater haven would be perfect for your bar or entertainment center.

Lastly, you can incorporate elements from the last movie of the series, Revenge of the Sith. Lamps in the form of light sabers (possibly symbolic of the famous fight scene) would be ideal for this theme. You could incorporate Yoda, Padme, or baby Luke and Leia into your display case as the ideal centerpieces for your Star Wars episodes 1-3 theme.

There are far too many ideas for the Clone Wars to promote, but they all relate to great wall decor and possible bar and lighting pieces. With that said, let’s move on to the new age of Star Wars!

Force Awakens, Rogue One, and Last Jedi

imperial stormtroopersKylo Ren, Jyn Erso, Poe, Rey, and a variety of other characters and planets have emerged as the forefront for the new generation of Star Wars icons. Whether you want to emanate elements from the First Order or the Imperial army, you have a lot of options to play with here.

Display cases or bookshelves with storm trooper (any generation in the films) would enable you to create the best display at the lowest cost. I currently have three helmets from the Star Wars series and occasionally throw them on for my trick or treaters during the holiday season. Combine that with the outfit and you have the ultimate man cave option that you can use outside your cave as well!

If displaying outfits or helmets in your man cave or man shed isn’t your thing, you have the ability to incorporate different weapons or drones that can be customized for your bar. Imagine a BB-8 bar stool, mug, or base of an end table. If that isn’t your style, you can incorporate the different phasers and weapons as bases to your lamps, handles to your mugs, or as pieces of wall art for your decor.

If you are short on cash, you can purchase a variety of memorabilia from these newer movies to create the ultimate experience. For all those DIY people out there, you can create the base of a coffee table that mirrors that of an X-Wing Fighter.

Similar to all other genres of Star Wars theme capabilities, you must get the proper photographs, posters, and other memorabilia to bring the whole theme together.

Use the Force!

Which of these options work for you? Whether you choose light versus dark, the original trilogy, episodes one through three, or the newer trilogy, there is no wrong option. The key is to format the man cave or man shed to fit the overall atmosphere you want to create.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!




24 thoughts on “Star Wars Decorating Ideas – Use the Force”

  1. I like the older movies best and my favourite characters are Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader (I have a lego keyring) and C-3PO and R2D2. I’m liking the stormtrooper lamp you have in your post. Unless it’s just something you threw together? Where would you get that? Great idea for hubby’s man cave…

    1. I too am a huge fan of the older (original) Star Wars trilogy! The lamp is a DIY lamp with a little storm trooper from Target lol. You can improve almost anything nowadays to make Star Wars related things. I have a bunch of memorabilia that I may use on another post in the future when I update my man cave!

  2. I love these ideas!!! The death star disco ball sounds so amazing! Unfortunately, my husband hates Star Wars (don’t worry he has other redeeming qualities) but I plan to sneak some of these in throughout the house!

    I also thank you in advance because now I have so many ideas for xmas gifts for my dad and my sister! I can’t wait! I love the idea of a BB-8 end table, how great is that! I will for sure be checking back for more fun ideas, thanks so much!

    1. I have a few family members who hate Star Wars and all things fantasy. My wife and I threw in a variety of Star Wars subtleties at our wedding though that they didn’t realize until after the ceremony! The lightsaber I mentioned in the post was originaly made as the bouquet holders for the bridesmaids. The death star disco ball was from the dance floor. Also, our cake topper was a guy dressed in a suit with a Vader helmet and a woman in a dress with a Storm Trooper helmet. So fun!!! You can do similar subtleties around the house if you haven’t gotten your she-cave yet!

  3. This is a really fun idea for man cave decor – I’d even use these ideas myself, as I am a HUGE star wars fan :). I’d probably do a mix of something from the light and dark sides, for balance, ya know?

    1. I love the balance. You can incorporate so much by using that fact, and it plays the yin-yang effect like many other things in the world. Plus, if you have people over you can see who chooses good vs who chooses evil! The ideas for each side are endless!

  4. Well, I am a huge Star Wars fan. I will age myself, but I remember standing in line as a kid to see the original 3 movies when they came out in the late 70’s early 80’s. Yeah, I know, I am getting old 🙂

    Aside from that, my kids are big Star Wars fans as well, and my son is getting ready for his own place. I love the C-3PO head in that image above, I think that would be a fun conversation piece for his first place.

    Thanks for sharing this article, it brings back a lot of memories and I love Star Wars.

    1. Thank you for reading! I tried to incorporate a bit of fun for all ages, as a lot of us do have kids who will want to come into our man caves. They make cookie jars that are similar to the C-3PO head that can be kid friendly should you choose to go that route as well.

  5. As a huge Star Wars fan I absolutely love this article and your ideas my friend. I am one of those guys that love the dark side and really, REALLY want a replica chair of Darth Vaders and I plan on getting one asap. Thanks for such an inspiring article!

    1. That would be awesome if you got the chair- if you do, feel free to post it here in the comments because I would love to see it! You can add in a few more dark side memorabilia and you will be set for your cave!

  6. Star Wars is amazing!  I clearly remember being in the cinema for the first film in the 70s lapping it all up.

    There were so many amazing characters and vehicles – not just rockets and spaceships.  Then came all the other films.  – And they are still coming thick and fast!!

    The other thing I love is all the Lego Star Wars kits – though it was my nephew building them rather than me.

    Yoda is my favourite character – but I love lots of others as well.

    Great ideas!!  Thank you!!

    1. Yoda is everyone’s favorite character- he is like a mini Hulk but rather than strength he has speed and intelligence! Some of the best Star Wars films are the original trio, although the last few are doing quite well. I went to Disney last year with my wife and they even have a section of the theme park designated for Star Wars only!

  7. Hello, I thoroughly enjoy reading your site. You have so many wonderful pieces of content on there about topics so many people remember and love. I think you give some really good suggestions for how to decorate using a Star Wars theme, and importantly how you can do so on a budget too. Keep up the greay work. Thanks, Kenny.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Kenny! Most people out there don’t have thousands to spend in terms of decorating their man cave, yet there are options out there that can assist those of us wanting masterpieces on a budget! 

  8. I love the star wars series. Reading this makes me think of the first three movies. I loved going to the theater as a kid. And now you’re promoting making the theme into decorating a room. Great idea. The custom Star Wars lamp shades seem like a great idea for the room. 

    1. the first three movies started a whole following, so why not bring that concept to a man cave! I love the idea behind an intergalactic universe, and having that around me in my cave would be amazing. I hope that if you go that route, you find some great items on here to do so!

  9. Hey there! These are some great Star Wars Decorating Ideas. I know he was a little bit of a nag but I always liked C-3PO. Hime and R2D2 were my favorite Star Wars characters, lol. I would probably decorate my whole room with those two and maybe a Princess Leia picture or something like that.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. C-3PO was a bit annoying, but his character was a great part of the series. He is that know-it-all we have experienced in life but he means well and is willing to help all. I like the android concept of a man cave, with a little Leia thrown it you can’t go wrong!

  10. I am a kid from the 80`s and I remember fondly the first time I went to see the trilogy in a special three movies in one night. That was the best!  

    Now decorating my man cave with memorabilia from that era  sounds like a very cool idea. It would make my poker buddies jealous for sure! 🙂  I too like a good villain in any movie and Dart Vader has always been my all time favourite, so the idea of a death star disco ball would be awesome as the main light above my poker table!

    You have enumerated a lot of great ideas here, like framing some posters (looks a lot better in frame) so I am bookmarking your website so that I can comeback when its time to re-decorate my man cave!

    Thank you for inspiring me!  🙂

    1. I kept my death star disco ball from our wedding and it has become a hit for anyone who comes over to the house. There are a lot of options out there that are relatively cheap and can be used to up your man game level without costing you a fortune. My wife made light sabers and they cost less than $10 to make and look legit!

  11. This is a great topic for the huge audience of people who are ardent fans of Star Wars. I  was impressed by your knowledge and enthusiasm for the theme and the accompanying products. . I have a 23 year old  grand son who is a fan and was wondering what to give him for his birthday next week. He is currently doing up a bungalow at the back of his home .  You have given me some good ideas, I think he would simply love the wine rack lighting.. 

    Do you have the pricing for these.?

    1. If you click the links I have or go to my tab above, there are various star wars items for sale with prices attached to give you an idea of what you can get for the cost you want to pay. I think any item there would be perfect for your grandson!

  12. This post is like bulls eye, since I am a huge Star Wars fan. You made me rethink my plans I had for my man cave and I am now seriously considering designing my man cave with Star Wars motives. I prefer first six parts of the movies – I would not use anything from the new movies, even the new saber.

    As for the items, I would definitely pick both Light and Dark side. It wouldn’t feel complete just choosing one thing. You are truly inspirational.



    1. I love the Light and Dark side concepts, as you get to include characters from both sides. Having one side of the room as light and the other as dark makes things so fun when you see people’s reactions !

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